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291: The Power of the Group & Predictive Programming

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Looking at the world currently and at how it was formed throughout history to be what it is today, an interesting point reveals itself, which should in fact through the studying of history be self-evident, obvious common sense, but somehow humanity manages to miss the reality of it:
Programming is predictive.

And within this, the power of the group was used against the group. This done especially by those in ‘higher places’ and with a better understanding, or at all an understanding, of how things work and how the human existence functions, which can be seen and studied in documentaries such as The Century of the Self (parts 1, 2, 3, 4).

And while knowledge is power and regardless of the common sense fact that the knowledgeable and powerful should be aware of the greater responsibility the hold towards life as a whole – those who would have been in a position, based on understanding, to apply their knowledge to the benefit of all, as life, decided rather to use their knowledge and understanding in self-interest – to control and manipulate the masses, which is always: groups of people.

In documentaries like Süßes Gift ("Sweet Poison", a German production) what becomes clear is how groups of people, like the people of a “third world” country, can be ‘educated’ into seeing and defining themselves as ‘less than’, which means in fact to be educated into slavery and to accept slavery as a ‘natural condition’.

A similar example of predictive programming can be seen within how the various religions of the world evolved into money-making, power-hungry monsters and utilized the power of the group to predictively indoctrinate submission and program fear into the individual minds as well as, consequently, hate and feelings of vengeance towards other groups with different belief-systems, different religions, different faiths.

And even though by looking at our existence on a collective AND on an individual* level one can see how programming is both predictable and predictive, this insight has not been used to the benefit of life, has not been used to educate responsible and solid individuals, has not been used in the interest of life, but was abused in self-interest, in the name of profit, and at the cost of life.
*See my previous blog posts (1, 2) on The Power of the Group in Child Development

I will in posts to come continue on this, to investigate different points and aspects of life on earth from the perspective of predictive programming, and in the meantime I invite you to read the blog posts of other Journey-to-Life Walkers on this matter:

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Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results in consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system, within and without. 

That is the only way to change our world, our existence for real : Self-Real-ization.

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