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281: The Power of the Group abused to Divide & Conquer

ART by Ann van den Broeck

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one of the main points to see and consider in the context of Life as Oneness and the Power of the Group is that:

Instead of LIFE being ONE group in mutual respect and support, thus Living the Power of the Group as Oneness, as Life, in fAct, where the Group IS Life and thus the Oneness is of Equality –
we have in this world the power of the group that separates itself from the Whole and thus from Life as a Whole to follow ‘special interests’ that pertain to that particular group only; and consequently we have different groups with different interests existing against each other, instead of All standing/living in the interest of Life as One.

Instead of the Power of the Group in this world being utilized, lived and applied to support and strengthen the ONE group that we are as LIFE;
the Power of the Group in our world, in the society of humanity, is being utilized – in fact ABUSED – to Divide & Conquer, to compete and exploit, to win and dominate, to abuse and destroy.

So the result of our current Oneness is due to self-interest, and this self-interest is due to separation, separation is due to fear, and thus “power” as we live it in our world is not real power as life, but is a superimposed ‘superiority’ that is actually rooted in fear!

So all those in “power”, abusing power to exploit others in the name of self-interest (and, in SELF-HONESTY, have a look: that is what everyone is doing on the smaller scale as well…), are on the one hand fooling themselves if they believe that another, special destiny is awaiting them at the end, and on the other hand they make that “power” real through laws and regulations made in favor of the “powerful” and a money-system that is fraud, protecting the profit of those in power.

And even though that “power” isn’t real from the perspective of ‘what is real’ as life, that “power” is made real by everyone’s acceptance and allowance and by giving permission for this system to exist as is, a bipolar system of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, a system with atrocious consequences to LIFE as a whole.

…to be continued…

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