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288: The Power of the Group to Change the World

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We have been changing the world – we have been forming the world –
but we’ve been doing so in unawareness and in our submission to polarity relations, in a system of ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’, a system that exists not only out there in the world but also within and as each human being, as the consciousness persona each one become in this world. It’s a two-way cause-and-effect system: the human creates the system, the system creates the human, the human re-creates the system and so on. What was first, the chicken or the egg? At this point this would be irrelevant as such question currently only comes from a starting-point of looking at where to shift blame onto.

Fact is: the system we have manifested, within and without, is supporting no one, is not supporting life, neither individually nor collectively.

Yet back to the point: We have been forming/creating the world. We have been doing this in a way that’s manifesting a certain course towards self-destruction. So what is the starting-point that leads to such outcome? And how can the starting-point be aligned so as to bring forth actual freedom, dignity, and LIFE for ALL?

That is what we are busy exploring and applying with the Desteni group, a group of ordinary people that are no longer willing to accept the fate of humanity, and are standing-up to examine and understand what brought us Here in the first place, Here where we are today, individually and collectively, so that we are able to change our Here in fact towards an existence that is Best for Life, as who we all really are including our home planet that sustains us and all of the organisms that breathe with and as it.

The realization that this world is the end-result of all relationships – the result of our co-existence, and thus the result of how and on the basis of what ‘values’ groups of people interact and through their interactions form the systems that get to automatically manage our existence:
Reveals the common sense that in order to change our world into a place where life can be free and without fear we have to change the ways we co-exist.

To do that it is vital to first understand the mechanics behind our systems, within and without. For this, you can find great support in articles and interviews at the Desteni website as well as in the educational downloadables @ eqafe.

It is the ‘silent rules’ of our co-existence that form our reality, and so we sit back and ‘wonder’ or ‘blame’ or ‘seek for answers “out there”…’ – yet we fail to see and acknowledge that such ‘silent rules’ exist through OUR acceptance and allowance.
It is vital to examine and understand How we got where we are currently as Humanity and individually as human beings in the context of collective responsibility for What Is Here as our existence.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, we must have quite some power in order to bring a whole world to self-destruction, which is in fact the current course of our systematic existence, and maybe always has been.
So where did things go wrong? What is the starting-point that leads to such end?

The point is self-interest / profit – a driving force rooted in fear and separation, and supported by the current capitalism/consumerism system where profit is placed before life.

It becomes obvious that in order to change the world in fact – something that will only be possible if it is initiated at a political/economic level – we have to overcome our differences (and the beliefs, fears, judgments and value-systems such ‘differences’ are constructed upon) and come together as ONE group., as Humanity, to work together on the ONE common interest we all share: LIFE.

This practically also implies that we require to let go of the ‘values’ we’ve adopted / accepted and placed before Life, so as to restore the Value of Life in fact – as the actual real value on which to base the systems of our world so as to make sure that all life is equally supported as such.

Give as you would like to receive.
A simple principle which, if it were in fact practically lived and applied in this world it would have prevented most of the suffering and abuse that is currently being given permission to exist.
What Is Here is here through OUR acceptance and allowance. It is time to take responsibility for life and stand-up. If you see the common sense in this, then investigate the Equal Money movement and study  Desteni.

We are all responsible for Life being kept enslaved to a system of exploitation, a system of separation, within and without. We are all part of the problem, thus we are all part of the solution. Setting Life Free is a responsibility we all have as life, towards life, ourselves, each-other, our world.

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