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294: Predictive Programming & Man Know Thyself

ART by Sylvie Jacbos

Assisting and supporting human beings to understand their suppressions, to peel off the layers of denial and get to ‘know thyself’, to stop the accepted separation within self and stand in integrity – THAT would lead to strong, self-responsible human beings that are able to make informed decisions and honor life in all possible way – and thus to bring forth CHANGE in fAct.
...But fascinatingly enough – one fears oneself. Because one KNOWS that one has become subject to the inner conflicts, the separation, the accepted lies that one ends-up living. It’s like, everyone lives in a separate bubble, in the illusion of having “everything under control”, and one KNOWS that if one starts questioning, and investigating, and exploring how things really work, within and without: that bubble will burst.

I’ve been walking a process of bursting my bubbles and stopping the self-dishonesty within myself that we are all ‘educated’ to exist within and as. Since I came across the Desteni material and the self-support tools shared, I started questioning, I started investigating, I started looking within myself to see where and how the systems that I so despised in my world existed within me, as me. Systems of mental constructs, of polarities, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, of comparison and judgment, of fears and desires, of all kinds of projections, suppressions, denials.


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All of this, all of these systems that we have manifested within and without, have been created, have been lived into beingness, lived into existence throughout a process of programming and the acceptance thereof.

And if one now, in self-honesty, would reverse-engineer these/such creation processes, one will be able to see How we got Here, and how every point in fact had a predictive outcome, based on the starting-point of its creation, one will be able to see how a point was programmed to be what it is, and one will be able to trace the point back to its origin, so as to purify the design, remove the polarity-traps and re-align the starting-point to be in fact supportive of life.

And through that understanding, one can then stop creating consequences that are destructive for self and life as a whole, and start creating a new, practical way of life that in fact supports self as life, based on actual understanding of cause and effect.
I mean, wouldn’t that truly be Man in the image and likeness of God, lol

In blog posts to come I will look at giving practical examples of this, because that is basically what I’ve been practically realizing through walking / applying the Desteni I Process support tools.

Currently, everything that exists exists through and as programming. Much of that programming has simply been accepted, adopted, allowed. It was not done in self-awareness, but rather in sheeple awareness. It was not done in self-honesty, self-will, self-determination.

At Desteni we propose that predictive programming can be done in self-determination and self-honesty, so that it in fact supports life.

I mean, look at parenting. Parenting is programming. Parents program their children through mechanisms of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’, and children grow up to be gullible beings that are able to be controlled through fears and desires.

Programming is predictive, which is why it is essential that one get to an actual Understanding of Human Nature, as well as of the systems of our world (which fascinatingly enough are in the image and likeness of the accepted human nature). Because then one can in fact utilize programming as a means of self-creation, a creation in self-responsibility, a creation that is based on LIFE and not fear.

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ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo


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