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295: Predictive Programming & Polarity Consciousness

Currently, everything that exists exists through and as programming. Much of that programming has simply been accepted, adopted, allowed. It was not done in self-awareness, but rather in sheeple awareness. It was not done in self-honesty, self-will, self-determination. But it can be.
...Look at parenting. Parenting is programming. Parents program their children through mechanisms of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’, and children grow up to be gullible beings that are able to be controlled through fears and desires.
...Programming is predictive, which is why it is essential that one get to an actual Understanding of Human Nature, as well as of the systems of our world (which fascinatingly enough are in the image and likeness of the accepted human nature). Because then one can in fact utilize programming as a means of self-creation, a creation in self-responsibility, a creation that is based on LIFE and not fear.

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Here I’d like to give some examples of predictive programming, the root of which is the parenting system of humanity which, regardless what culture, country, race, religion, tradition: is always based on the polarity of REWARD and PUNISHMENT.

Using reward and punishment, the parents KNOW they are applying predictive programming. It’s not that one would call it that as a parent, but each parent KNOWS exactly what they are doing and why, when they for instance give treats / sweets / affection / reassurance etc. as REWARD as well as when they give harsh words / rejection / withdrawal / pain etc. as PUNISHMENT.

So within that what can be seen is that the whole application is about MANIPULATION.

To program something – a child, an animal, a relationship, a world system – is to manipulate it so that it forms and develops according to one’s own desires, which as such reveals a further polarity design: that of FEAR and DESIRE.

Because for the parent to program the child according to what the parent DESIRES (which the parent will claim is “what’s best for the child” yet that in itself is subjective and also subject to the parent’s upbringing, belief-systems, culture, tradition etc.) – this is in fact equal to the parent programming the child according to what the parent FEARS.

The parent would not have the particular DESIRES in relation to the child, if the parent did not have the respective FEARS.

For instance, the parent fears for the child not becoming intelligent or strong enough to ‘make it’ in this world system, thus the parent will desire to make the child strong and intelligent – which in itself is not ‘bad’, yet within that the parent unfortunately can only draw upon what the parent themselves have known, experienced, been through, and they will use, just like their parents before them, tactics of Reward and Punishment to make the child abide to the parent’s ideas and expectations that are in fact based on their own Fears and Desires.

Within this, what is missing is a practical common-sense approach, wherein the child is taught how to look at things directly and understand consequence, understand cause and effect, in the context of the whole system we as humanity find ourselves within.

So – whether the child then grows up to be strong and intelligent or not, it will still be subject to and submerged to: the whole world system.

I will continue in the next blog posts with further polarity designs of predictive programming and examples from our world that show clearly that unless we reform our existence from the root and get to really understand creation, we stand no chance of changing this world into a place that truly supports LIFE – all life equally, and in all possible ways.

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