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284: The Power of the Group – What is Real POWER

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In my previous blog posts I’ve been looking at the point of Humanity as a group, Life as a group, as well as the point of power and how we have manifested an existence, a world system, that is based on power abuse, exploitation, and the separation of life into various different groupings that value various different mental constructs as “values” while the actual value of life that we all have in common is being disregarded, discredited, dishonored.
We human beings must be quite something, if we have the power to destroy ourselves and each-other, even destroy a whole planet, our home planet Earth!

The power abuse taking place in this world has consequences for all.

This can be seen through the simple example of pollution. Pollution is but one aspect of the destruction and deterioration of our planet that is going on as a consequence of a way of life that exploits life /each-other in the name of profit. Such consequence affects ALL:

We all breathe the same air –
We all drink the same water –
There may be differences there, yes, but those quality differences around the globe are becoming less and less, due to the simply common sense fact that Water is One; the Atmosphere is One; the Air we Breathe is One.

The separation we human beings have imposed upon our existence, the borders we have drawn – are not really real. Nature knows no borders, no separation.

Separation is mental construct.

Looking at the point of POWER and how it used/applied in this world, what we see is that power is used in separation for separation.
This (re-)creates a system of polarity, where there’s the Haves and the Have-Nots, the Winners and the Losers, the Superior and the Inferior.

Is this really all we can do with our intelligence as human beings? Is that the best we can bring forth in terms of evolution? Because if we really look at it: yes, technology has evolved, viruses and bacteria have evolved, but has the human, has humanity really actually evolved? Have we evolved our existence into something truly worthy of life, something that is of support for All that is Here? Or does the human exist in unawareness, blinded by profit and self-interest, creating consequences it cannot even fathom?

And then, when it’s about Changing the world, or Changing human nature, or Changing the paradigms we’ve been following for eons of time and which have brought us to the disaster we are facing currently: one will mostly hear that “the world cannot change” or “the human cannot change”. We accept this without second thought because it’s more convenient, because then we won’t have to do anything about it all because “we just can’t”, and so we continue hiding behind our accepted ‘inferiority’ – or is it inFeariority – while we give in to fear, to self-interest, to the habits that inhabit because “that’s how it’s always been”. Wow.

Could real power be the power to CHANGE in ways that are best for all?

I mean, anything that is not best for all but only benefit some at the cost of others will backfire sooner or later.

Real power comes from deliberate action that emerges from real knowledge = UNDERSTANDING.

And since this reality is one of Cause and Effect, it is to understand Cause and Effect.
Understanding Cause and Effect inevitably brings forth the realization of self-responsibility: We are the cause of the effects that we see and face in our world.

Real power would thus be to cause effects that are equal to LIFE, thus best for All, thus worthy of Life, thus in the interest of Life as a Whole.

As opposed to this, anyone can see that we currently exist in a world where “power” is equal to abuse, because power is used and applied in self-interest causing separation, abuse, death;
Instead of power being lived and applied in the interest of life, thus supporting and honoring life – All Life equally as One.

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Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results in consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system, within and without. 

That is the only way to change our world, our existence for real : Self-Real-ization.

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