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287: The Power of the Group – Setting Life Free

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By looking at the systematized relationships as they exist between us human beings in this reality and at our existence of mutual enslavement (see my previous blog post) what becomes clear is that it is through a re-definition and re-formation of our co-existence and in essence of human-nature and through a re-evaluation of the ‘agreements’ that form our relationships: that we are able to set ourselves / set each-other / set life free.

That is the main objective I would say from my perspective of the Desteni group/movement and the process ‘shown’ within that (and I say ‘shown’ because we all equally as one and individually facing and walking the same process – it is a journey to life, it is here already, it is about ‘where we are at’ in the process of our ‘evolution’ individually and collectively).

The insane state of the world and the ‘lifting of the veils’ in this era where the mechanisms of the system (of which we are the image and likeness – or is it that the system is in our image and likeness?) become more and more evident, if one is willing to look in self-honesty and common sense – but also the despair and alienation that is universally being experienced at an individual level and, the daily news reveal, is also becoming more and more evident:
almost force* us to see and realize Freedom as collective responsibility and also as a collective value.

This would practically imply that Freedom must become a living expression that goes hand in hand with dignity and respect for LIFE as who we all really are – which practically implies the realization that no one is free unless all life is free, and that therefore we have the responsibility to reform our system to be such that it values LIFE.

And I say *force because, inevitably man will have to see and realize that it is the systematized relationships as they exist between us human beings that form this world system and vice versa the systematized relationships of the system reflect, imprint and form the individual. We’ve had the vicious cycles of consumerism for eons of time now – ending up in an existence where we consume life/substance/earth in our competition for energy/consciousness/mind, in fact consuming what sustains us, consuming ourselves, consuming each-other.
So how much worse will things have to get before we as humanity start seeing what we are doing to life, to ourselves, to each-other, to human existence and the future of the children to come!

I say we see everywhere that trauma forces people, families, governments, this system at all levels to re-evaluate itself. But it’s not to accept that ‘trauma is necessary’!
Seeing things for what they are we can learn, and we can stand-up to work together, and work within ourselves in self-honesty, to prevent further trauma / stop creating consequences and support this world and ourselves/each-other to face the already manifested consequences, both on individual and on collective level.

For this, do study Desteni and the Equal Money movement.

We are all responsible for Life being kept enslaved to a system of exploitation, a system of separation, within and without. We are all part of the problem, thus we are all part of the solution. Setting Life Free is a responsibility we all have as life, towards life, ourselves, each-other, our world.

We are able to Stop the human RACE and become a species worthy of life, working together to restore the value of life for ALL.

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