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289: The Power of the Group in Child Development

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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In the context of looking at the various dimensions of the POWER OF THE GROUP, the next point I’d like to look into is the power of the group in child development.

Every child will develop according to the influences it is exposed to within the context of the group it develops within. This includes the core family and further family members and can further be expanded to nannies, teachers, schools and society in general - in short: the world system.

What this means is basically that the equations the child will base its understanding of Reality on: are in line with the rules, belief-systems, value-judgments and polarity equations the child will see and experience throughout its formative years.

This also means that we do not even give LIFE the chance to naturally unfold, explore and develop, because we immediately place the new-born life into the already existent context of ‘social norms’ that then confine the child and form the child in their image and likeness.
We even disregard the importance of the time from the moment of conception until birth, a greatly vulnerable time during which the child is exposed to the subconscious / unconscious influences the parent(s) are going through, mostly in unawareness.

Just before posting, I read a relevant blog post by Bernard Poolman with amazing insights with regards to child development and parenting – the post is definitely a Must-Read:

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results in consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system, within and without. 

That is the only way to change our world, our existence for real : Self-Real-ization.

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