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298 | Reward-Punishment Polarity & Predictive Programming: FEAR & DESIRE in Consumerism

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ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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The Consumerism System and all its ‘forefathers’ and current actors realized that it can utilize the human psyche to its own benefit - utilize life in the name of profit.
How do you manipulate masses of people? Through their Fears and Desires.

The Consumerism System supports / forms / indoctrinates the Desire to ‘Have’ and the Fear of ‘Not-Having’.

The Consumerism System forms the education system: through the desire for success / superiority and the fear of failure / inferiority.

The Consumerism System forms crime and abuse : through the desire for power and the fear of being overpowered and abused.

The Consumerism System forms a market for beauty products for profit at the cost of life: through the desire to be attractive and the fear of being rejected.

The consumerism system creates the desire for health through selling and promoting fear of disease;
just as it creates the desire to be attractive and accepted through selling and promoting fear of being ugly, being rejected, being seen as ‘not good enough’ or unworthy or unfit.

The consumerism system creates its pawns by having them hooked onto polarity constructs, using emotional and mental manipulation, brainwashing, suggestion, but essentially by using FEAR and DESIRE.

Desire is but the other side of fear.

From a Desteni perspective, what is interesting is that while one is trapped in a polarity design and is subjected to the opposing forces of energy between positive and negative, one is in fact separating both points from oneself and creates mental constructs out of them, to which one assigns emotional/energetic resonances, like symbols. And one then abdicates oneself to the forces of emotional/feeling reactions and thoughts and moods and internal conversations in the mind. Instead of taking responsibility for the entirety of one’s mind, of one’s reality, of oneself.

Such constructs, ideas, perceptual realities, energetic experiences: can be triggered and activate according to the conditioned mechanics of one’s mind – automated – based on the imprints and equations of what one has been exposed to in life, of the judgments one has formed about self and others, of one’s beliefs, definitions, fears, desires.
Then one is busy in the mind ‘reaching out for’ the desire/the ‘positive’ while at the same time suppressing and denying the fear/the ‘negative’ – instead of looking the I in the eye and facing oneself and whatever is here within and as self at any given moment.

What can be seen by studying and investigating the mechanics of the mind in self-honesty, is that one uses the positive (mental construct) to distract oneself from the negative, which is mostly the actuality of reality that was being denied, suppressed, made prettier or uglier, made to be ‘more than’ self, made into another mental construct so that one won’t have to see things for what they are, direct, and face it; so that one believe one doesn’t have to change.

But in self-honesty, one is able to see and realize:

this desire or a positive energy/definition that I project /imagine/seek – be it a definition of ‘success’ or of ‘power’ or of ‘acceptance’ or of ‘worth’ etc. – is not real; and I’m not gonna find it ‘out there’ from something or someone, therefore I might as well stop fearing to not find it, not get it, not have it.
Therefore, I have to give it to myself. Accept myself, Love myself, Practically. Live it, be it, practice it. Explore one’s full potential. Stand up for self, as Life – not as ego. Support self, as life – not as ego. Support all life, equally. And for this I have to start with myself.

What is a desire worth if it can’t be lived in the actuality of reality?

What are the words ‘change the world’ worth if they are not lived into beingness?

What is one’s heart’s desire really worth if it’s dependent on external fulfillment?

Why in the world there exists no self-love, no self-appreciation, no self-acceptance, not much self-growth, hardly real self-expression?

What are we teaching our children?

Have treats and sweets and sugary words not been our way of manipulating with ‘the positive’ while not addressing the real issues because they are ‘the negative’?

Humanity has failed itself, has failed its children, has failed life.

The system has failed life – that is for sure.

Will humanity stand up for itself as life, to face and change the system that is in humanity’s image and likeness?

Will humanity remain but an image or will we make ourselves real?

Will we change our likeness to be that which is best for life, best for all?

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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