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296 | Reward-Punishment Polarity & Predictive Programming: “Jealousy”

ART by Kelly Posey

...Predictive programming, the root of which is the parenting system of humanity which, regardless what culture, country, race, religion, tradition: is always based on the polarity of REWARD and PUNISHMENT.
...Using Reward and Punishment, the parents KNOW they are applying predictive programming. It’s not that one would call it that as a parent, but each parent KNOWS exactly what they are doing and why, when they for instance give treats / sweets / affection / reassurance etc. as REWARD as well as when they give harsh words / rejection / withdrawal / pain etc. as PUNISHMENT.

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In this blog post I expand on the point of reward and punishment.
An interesting consequence / after-effect that this system creates is: jealousy.

Before exploring the manifestation of jealousy, I’d like to explore the point of polarity, as seen within the application (and the acceptance) of: reward and punishment.

So what does the polarity of reward and punishment do?

It creates / forms / imposes a Value-system of polarity. The child will start seeing itself and its world in terms of ‘superiority’ -‘inferiority’ / ‘better’-‘worse’ and will start in its mind to ‘keep score’, start comparing/utilizing comparison, and start competing with others and with the ideas and expectations imposed onto it by its environment, without the child however having or receiving an actual understanding of ‘what is going on’.

As a consequence, the child is submerged and becomes subject to: these/such polarity games, seeing itself and its world/reality in polarity terms of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’.

From this, ‘jealousy’ is an outflow.

If the value-system of ‘superiority’-‘inferiority’ did not exist, there would only exist self-worth as life, and from here, we’d have an entirely different way of life, of living, communicating, socializing.

So the problem with polarity designs / polarity systems, is that they replace the value of life with polarity-values, which – as we can see very clearly for example within the consumerism-system – only manifest conflict, competition, war, at the cost of life.

Life is not valued as such.

And this we can see within how children are treated and ‘educated’. In fact children are, through reward and punishment, basically mis-educated to ‘fit into’ the world, which is the system.

So within looking at how to change the world and how to change the system, it is obvious that we should equally look at how to change the system within self – how to transcend the system within and as self; How to move beyond polarity and purify one’s value-system to be in fact worthy of life, as life.

This is the understanding on which the principle of equality is based, because if we cannot have equality as oneness, then we’ll only continued our existence of separation, conflict, war, deception, suppression, denial, and will fail as human beings and as humanity to stand-up and take responsibility for Life, as who we all really are.

Equality as Oneness – this should be the common-sense living application of human beings. Just like the cells in/of a body: the exist in equality as oneness. Otherwise there would be no body to host the consciousness that inhabits it. So it’s self-evident that the human consciousness should honor this principle and learn from it, explore what it means to live in equality as oneness, within and without.

Surely, such living application would eliminate jealousy once and for all, lol

That is why I suggest one check out Desteni, there is now a free online course that provides the basics in terms of self-honesty, self-introspection, and constructive writing, so that one can start looking at the patterns of one’s life/self and taking responsibility for our existence, individually and as a whole.

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