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297 | The Reward-Punishment Polarity & Predictive Programming : FEAR & DESIRE

ART by Rozelle De Lange

…So what does the polarity of reward and punishment do?
…It creates / forms / imposes a Value-system of polarity. The child will start seeing itself and its world in terms of ‘superiority’ -‘inferiority’ / ‘better’-‘worse’ and will start in its mind to ‘keep score’, start comparing/utilizing comparison, and start competing with others and with the ideas and expectations imposed onto it by its environment, without the child however having or receiving an actual understanding of ‘what is going on’.
…As a consequence, the child is submerged and becomes subject to: these/such polarity games, seeing itself and its world/reality in polarity terms of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’.

In my previous blog post I looked at JEALOUSY as an outflow of the above.

In this blog post I am looking at the polarity of Desire and Fear, also as an outflow of the Reward-Punishment ‘education’ system that human nature is based on.

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We’ve seen how Reward and Punishment as a foundation approach to human development creates / forms / imposes a Value-system of polarity.

This polarity value-system consists of the positive and the negative polarity of Judgment. Judgment being the perception and opinion one forms ABOUT something, according to which one will then assign either a positive or a negative value to that something.

Here, a further polarity design becomes relevant to investigate:
the polarity of Fear and Desire.

In this world, we are ‘educated’ to desire the positive and to fear the negative. As a consequence, we end up never really actually investigating the negative, understanding how it is created, how it functions, what keeps it in existence despite our attempts to suppress and deny it.

This is where things get interesting:
Because Fear (the negative) cannot exist without Desire (the positive).

For instance, the child, having been indoctrinated to function based on Reward and Punishment, will DESIRE the reward and will FEAR the punishment.

Or if one look at for instance relationships: the more one DESIRE to keep / hold onto the relationship, the more one will FEAR losing it. The more one fuels the DESIRE within one’s mind, the more FEAR one is creating about the same point.

It is clear that such polarity designs – and I will be exploring more such designs in posts to come – exist as ONE. And that is the Oneness of our world, within which we are trapped: within (the Mind) and without (in the System).

This brings me back to the point that the System is the externalized manifestation of what the inner human nature exists as and consists of:
both are based in Polarity, both function according to Reward and Punishment, and what drives the System both within (in the Mind) and without (in the World) is FEAR and DESIRE.

Which in fact practically implies that the human being as such has no directive principle, no self authority, no power in decision-making whatsoever –
because everything is always driven by either FEAR or DESIRE, in fact by both simultaneously, even though the human mind consciousness system has evolved in a way that tends to see only the Desire (the positive) and disregard the Fear (the negative), the latter of which is mostly being suppressed and denied, instead of taken responsibility for.

Fascinatingly enough, the child will even often see the lack of punishment as a reward...!
This bears detrimental implications, and I will come back to this point when elaborating on War and Peace, another polarity design of this world system.

For now I’d like to invite you to read the following for further insight on this interesting self-deception point of human existence:


ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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