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276: It’s a Bipolar World – We just Don’t Get it

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Day 274: Journey to Life through Daily Writing & Self-Honest Introspection
Day 275: The Power of Breath in Every Moment

Within observing elderly people, there’s one point that becomes very clear, and, if one really look at it one can see that it’s something that does not only pertain to elderly people but is something that we all do and engage in.

What I noticed – here in the example of elderly people, which makes it ‘easier’ o simply clearer to see – is that there is two main ‘moods’ or two kinds of ‘state of mind’ one would be in: one will either be in the present complaining about everything and anything that one is currently not content with (here in the example of the elderly it will be pain, discomfort, but also irrational stuff like blaming the nurses or the relatives or anything for that matter); or one will be in the past fishing out the best possible memories and the self-definitions that make them feel good about themselves (elderly people will often even act as if they are currently living in the past and will for a moment forget where they in fact are and what their state of being is).

The interesting thing about this, is that in none of the cases self-responsibility is realized. In the ‘negative’ energy there is a certain nastiness and specifically blame and spite coming up, while in the ‘positive’ energy there is a certain pride or happiness coming up associated to those parts/times in one’s life that one had attached ‘positive’ value to and thus one will ‘feel good’ and ‘feel positive’ because the switch is on the “plus”. When that imagination fades away and the person ‘wakes up’ to the actuality of reality, what will happen is that they will ‘fall’ into the ‘negative’ side of the energy and they’ll feel like nothing is right and everyone is to blame. Unfortunately within it all, no point of self-responsibility or self-creation is realized.

Now, given the way we exist in this world, this is ‘understandable’ when it comes to the elderly people. It is the common-sensical consequence/outflow of how we exist. What’s interesting is that the experience and the expression / the acting-out thereof will be ‘unique’, the pattern however is the same: it’s an energetic, bipolar manifestation.

Energetic – meaning: it will swing the person along with it; either in terms of ‘uplifting’ them (when one is fishing out the ‘good stuff’ from one’s life and suddenly starts telling the stories that make them ‘feel good’ and basically validate the personality/self-definition the person had adopted throughout their life), or in terms of ‘bringing them down’ (when suddenly the actuality of reality comes bashing in, either through pain or external stimuli that remind the person where they are and what state they are in).

And what is interesting to see, realize and understand here: is that the person always follows the energy, which means that the person is subject to the energy, thus ‘less than’ the energy, which is why the person has no directive authority, because that authority had been abdicated to energy and energy is then the force that pulls the person ‘up’ or ‘down’ –
and obviously what can be observed is how we tend to always try and remain in the ‘positive’, ‘uplifted’, ‘high’, when in fact that ‘high’ is not an actual state of being in self-awareness through a ‘man-know-thyself’ insight; that ‘high’ is always defined through mental concepts and is equally experienced and expressed as such.
Otherwise one would be able to at any given moment make a self-directive decision of what one would like to experience and express, but that is not so.

It takes great mental effort to remain in the ‘positive’, but sooner or later reality comes knocking at your door and you have to face your physical reality with everything that goes along with it. Granted, the whole spiritual new-age junkies have been doing quite a ‘good job’ at deluding themselves and creating all kinds of alternate realities that make one ‘feel good’…
but, come on, the actuality of reality is another, and it always comes with consequence. Funny how in the mind one can circus about as if there were no consequences, but this physical reality we all share is a reality of consequences, which makes the point of self-responsibility a vital point to understand if one would like to leave this world in self-honesty and full awareness of one’s existence on earth.

These some considerations on the energetic dimension of human existence.
The bipolar nature of this has one interesting practical implication: You can’t have one polarity without the other.
In the next blog post I will elaborate on this latter point further.

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I suggest reading the Journey to Life blogs to see how within and through Writing in Self-Honesty one is able to get to know oneself as the mind and to face oneself as what one has become through the conditioned patterns of this preprogrammed consciousness of a consumerism/competition system, which, as we can see everywhere in the world, is rapidly devolving and reaching an unspeakable atrocity.

It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, within oneself for oneself, as well as equally for all, as one, as life, as equals.

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