Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

250: New Year’s Eve – A Bipolar Spectacle

by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

New Year's Eve –
This is a spectacle every year, and every time I wonder how this can be repeated year after year, with people wishing “a happy new year” and making all kinds of new year resolutions without anything ever really changing.

I am amazed at the bipolar show that New Year’s Eve presents. The sounds of fireworks and pyrotechnics are literally sounding like WAR, violent and while at the same time the sky gets filled up with “beautiful colors”. The people on the street seem to be competing – “my firework is better than yours, louder, brighter, oh yeah!” It’s insane.

A huge show – for what? For the minds of the people, just enhancing the self-delusion, the show must go on, and it better be fun on the way, brighter, louder, bigger – but has any of that any real impact on our existence as a whole?

What is there really to celebrate? Half the world is starving, the planet is deteriorating, the animal kingdom is being suppressed by our occupation of earth and the pollution we manifest – it’s a shame.

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