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262: Desteni ReSearch & the Actuality of Reality

...If I look at how we apply ‘research’ within our world – what I see is that any search or research always follows or is in relation to past research; any search or research is always defined by that which is attempted to be proven; any search or research is always defined by the beliefs one was born into or walked into;
often we even form beliefs about beliefs, and thus what manifests as our knowledge platform in this world is a conglomeration of beliefs, layers upon layers of belief-systems, with very little substantial understanding about how reality in fact functions and operates.

And we have this phenomenon as starting-point in all aspects of ‘search’ or ‘research’ in our world – be it spirituality, science, cultures/subcultures, politics, philosophy etc.

Therefore instead of actual research happening, what is happening is a reflection of, a mirror-effect of: what is already believed, or what is attempted to be ‘proven’;
never however in fact directly looking at the actual workings of things, never seeing things for what they are, because the way things seem/look is always determined by the perception filters that one is looking through.

What is different about the Desteni research is the point of Seeing Direct –

We are Learning to see direct; which implies to acknowledge, see, realize, understand and free oneself from: the conditioned perception filters that define one’s view of reality –

because in common sense: How can there be different ‘views’ of reality when reality is Here as One – this one reality we all share.
Is our perceptual-reality-dimensions perhaps that which veils common sense and makes it so uncommon in this world?

So in fact the Desteni group have been re-defining the words ‘search’ / ‘research’ – and have inverted this point to be actual re-search, meaning: looking at all things again, anew, with fresh eyes, seeing direct, and realizing self-responsibility.

No longer searching for ‘saviors’ or ‘escape routes’ or ‘scape goats’ “out there”, no longer blaming or abdicating responsibility, but bringing the point back to self, taking self-responsibility as life, and looking here within/as self to self-realize existence, this world, reality, and (what we call) life – as that is the only starting-point from which we can bring-forth and manifest/establish actual CHANGE, the change we all want to see in our world!

In blogs to come I will be introducing/sharing some main principles from the Desteni research, and this is a good opportunity for anyone who is new to the material and the principles that Desteni stand for and share: to get an insight, an idea, an inspiration.

In the meantime, you can visit the website, scroll through the forums, and have a look at the tools of self-support offered/shared and the processes of people from around the world that have been walking these tools in practical self-application for years now, committed to manifesting a new way of life/living for ourselves and our existence, such that truly supports LIFE as who we all really are –

beyond the judgments, denials, suppressions, beliefs and definitions of the mind/the mental, as we realize that the consciousness of the world requires an actual evolution, through actual understanding, because currently the consciousness of the world, the consciousness we exist as, does not support life, and is in fact accepting/allowing/manifesting ourselves as ‘less than’ who we really are and can be as LIFE.

This really goes for any point we are facing / dealing with in our reality:
we either face / deal with a point directly, seeing it for what it is, in which case we interact with/as the actuality of reality in real-time, OR we create all kinds of opinions, judgments, ideas, reactions toward and about the point, in which case we are in fact only interacting with our own mind, our own reactions, our own box of mental and emotional patterns, and within that we completely miss the actuality of reality that is Here.

Investigate Desteni for a real approach to reality, and assist yourself in learning how to face and deal with the actuality of reality, how to see what is here for-real, and how to start removing the layers of distraction and perception that are conditioned to see only what the mind was taught to see, resulting in a world where we fight for our limitations and wage wars in the name of mental constructs, while we disregard the actuality of the physical reality that sustains us all on this ONE planet we share.

I suggest reading the Journey to Life blogs to see how within and through Writing in Self-Honesty one is able to get to know oneself as the mind and to face oneself as what one has become through the conditioned patterns of this preprogrammed consciousness of a consumerism system, which, as we can see everywhere in the world, is rapidly devolving and reaching an unspeakable atrocity.

It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, for All as Equals, as One, as LIFE.

Join us!

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