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249: „Life’s a Journey, not a Destination”

ART by Bastian Neumann

 „Life’s a Journey, not a Destination” – or: “The journey is the reward” – or: “The way is the goal” –these are the most common translations of the words of Confucius, which apparently managed to confused many.

I saw this quotation by Confucius today in German: “Der Weg ist das Ziel” which literally means “The way is the goal”.

Now – it’s quite interesting because indeed: whatever we do, act or don’t act, say or think, who we are “on the way” i.e. in every moment, with every breath = this is what we become, what we create, what we manifest.

The Journey, the way, the path, that is determined by who one is in every breath and how one in fact leads one’s life in every moment.

Common-sensically, the goal, the destination, the “reward”, is the accumulation thereof, the equation thereof.

And so the goal, the destination, is always equal to and one with the path, the way one walks and participates in every moment.
One always becomes who one is in every moment.

So the actual question we should all be asking ourselves is: What am I accumulating as myself? What do I exist equal to and one with? What is my truth? Who am I in every moment? What defines me? What moves me? What am I accepting and allowing? Based on what?

That is in fact the essence of the Desteni I Process courses.

Unfortunately, the words of Confucius have been misread, misinterpreted, adjusted to serve self-interest, not unlike how the words of Jesus were used to divide and conquer and separate life from life based on values of the mind, serving thus mental imagery instead of serving life.

Very often one will emphasize the Journey and will use the words “the journey is the reward” to remain ‘travelling’ which in the end is nothing but ‘tripping’, as one has not considered the outcomes and consequences of one’s journey, of one’s moment to moment participation, of the Who I am in every breath. So life becomes a “journey, not a destination”, when in fact it should, in this world, be clear that we still gotta get to actual life, actual living, in a world where life IS the value, and where the right of life is honored and supported in fact, in all possible ways.

Also to consider that:
if LIFE is in fact the journey, then LIFE is also the destination, the outcome.
And it’s obvious that in this world, the journey is not life, it is self-interest, it is personal gain, it is a road of separation, hence the resulting world as we know it.

By focusing on the “journey” for the sake of the “journey” – it all becomes about the ‘experience’ thereof, and within that one gets caught in ‘experience’, gets addicted to ‘experience’, while time goes by and no real actual solution for LIFE on earth is in sight.

The first approach to actual solutions for our existence on earth is the equal money approach.

The Journey can be “the reward” when one is making sure that every step of the journey one is participating as ‘best for all life’, because within that one in fact knows what one is manifesting, what one is accumulating, what one is getting to.

This is the Journey to Life  –  Join us!

The Destination must be a World that is Best for All - that is the only viable definition of LIFE.

Therefore the Journey must be to practically Live as Best for All Life - in every moment of breath.

This is Desteni.

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