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254: From Boredom is Born Doom

by Kelly Posey

If you experience boredom, you can be certain of one thing: You are not seeing yourself as part of this world, this reality, you merely exist in the mind-reality of your own creation, a separate mental bubble where only self-interest exists.

All of us with some money in our pockets, internet access, clean water and flushing toilets: we are the elite of this world, like it or not, and even if your life is not a really luxurious one, you are still part of the world that has access to at least some opportunities in life and are not left to starve and suffer actual physical pain.

The boredom that is experienced by the upper middle class, or in other words the elite, is a sign of the times, and unfortunately no one is seeing the point that from the acceptance of that boredom is born the doom of humanity on earth.

Many people wish they could somehow make a difference in this world, yet what prevails is excuses and justifications, emerging from thoughts like “I am just one person, what can I possibly do?” or “The world just isn’t changing, there’s nothing I can do about it” or “Everything is controlled, whatever you do you stand no chance of making a difference”, and stuff like that.

Well there’s news for you – because at Desteni, a group of people standing-up for the value of life so that all life can have equal dignity, equal freedom, equal rights, we are proving to ourselves that change is possible, and that if we stand together and work together beyond the ego and self-interest that we’re accustomed to: much can be achieved.

If we move ourselves in fact, we will move the world inevitably, because we ARE the world – and everything that exists is but the image and likeness of ourselves, the reflection of who we are within. All of our systems are the manifestations of the equations based on which we co-exist, which means that if we change the way we live and co-exist we are able to change the systems we manifest to manage our reality.

You can visit the Desteni website and the Equal Money Wiki to witness the plethora of articles, discussions, interviews, blogs, and check out the world-system points that we have already taken on and continue taking on – all of which is publicly accessible to anyone that is willing to research, investigate and participate in actual solutions towards an existence that will value life as the only real value worth honoring and supporting.

One thing I know for sure: if one is not part of the solution, then one is part of the problem.
In fact, we’ve all been part of the problem because this world only exists as is because WE, individually and collectively, exist the way we do. This implies that we are all equally responsible, and it also implies that it is up to us to CHANGE and bring forth the change we wanna see in the world.

So this is an invitation to you, the reader, to take that step and push yourself through the boredom you are experiencing, and to give yourself a purpose in life that is bigger than just yourself.
Give yourself a purpose in life that will help restore the value of LIFE which is currently exploited and abuse in the name of profit.

Let’s stand-up for life and work together to stop the doom of humanity, to stop this course of self-destruction, to stop the system that is abusing life in all possible ways, and bring forth a new way of life that is truly in the interest of LIFE, for all, as equals, as one.

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 by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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