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253: Equal Money Capitalism – Because Life is ONE Corpus

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Day 252: Home Sweet Home - with Equal Money
Day 248: Equal Money Capitalism – What the FAQ ???
Day 246: Blind Spot, Energy Crisis, and Equal Money
Day 243: Manifested Consequences and the Equal Money System
Day 242: Equal Money is an Educational System

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Humanity is ONE Body, ONE Life

The following is a quote that was referred to within the documentary The Power Principle | II. Propaganda which I suggest everyone should watch:

“The 20th Century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance:
the growth of Democracy,
the growth of Corporate Power,
and the growth of Corporate Propaganda as a means of protecting Corporate Power against Democracy.”

- Alex Carey

This is so true, and that presents a real problem in our world that has become a dictatorship – the dictatorship of Consumerism, the dictatorship of a system that is profit-driven to such an extent, that LIFE is exploited FOR Profit. Profit is placed before life and thus life has lost all value, as is evident in our world everywhere we look, not only in the big picture but also on smaller scale, in our personal relations, where we follow self-interest and exploit each-other in the name of self-interest, which is the personal point of profit.

The interest of life is no-where to be seen. The only platform where people work together in the interest of life is the Equal Money platform that emerged from the Desteni group, a group of people that stand-up to no longer accept the atrocity of the world system and our way of life, a group of people that stand-up to change the world in fact through self-change and the transformation of how we practically live and co-exist in every moment of breath, here on this one planet we all share.

Please read the following posts pertaining to a new project that we are taking on: Equal Money Capitalism

Equal Profit Share and Equal Money Capitalism

Corporate Social Responsibility in Equal Money Capitalism

Note: The Equal Money Capitalism (EMC) is an entirely new project that was started a few days ago. We’re at the moment in the phase where we are brainstorming by answering questions. It’s a messy process – but an effective one to get all the relevant points addressed. So – also note that points will evolve and change as we go as we are not setting things in stone, but on a journey towards designing the EMC. The principles upon which EMC is based are laid out in the previous blog-post. From those principles, we work our way towards what life in EMC would practically be like and how the system will function from an economic perspective.

Follow the Economist Journey to Life and educate yourself in how the accepted system in fact works, in understanding cause and effect, acknowledging consequence, and realizing that the solution is as simplistic as common sense - that to get there however will take understanding the core of the system as it exists within and without, so that we can change things by changing our starting-point and our individual participation in our world based on collective responsibility and the self-realization of Life as One, which implies that within that Oneness we are all equals as life.

Visit the Equal Money Wiki and read up on the solutions we present, and do participate and share your input so that we can work together and stand together as Life, as One, and once and for all CHANGE our existence in the interest of Life as a Whole!

Visit Desteni to educate yourself on this vital point and start realizing our collective responsibility as Earthlings.

Join us in the Journey to Life! 

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