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266: Idealization of Process makes Walking Process difficult

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Continuing from
Day 265: Idealization of Change makes Walking the Change difficult

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Within my personal process / experience throughout my life, I constantly ‘fell’ at/within the point of idealization, because in a way I was defining ‘perfection’ but only as a projection within/of the mind, without taking into consideration the actual physical process of changing oneself, getting to know oneself to begin with…
Thus it was as if trying to create/reach perfection through the mind, by trying to reach a projection – which is impossible.

To assist and support myself in this point, I looked into re-defining ‘perfection’ to no longer be a projected point of ‘idealization’, as I saw realize and understood that this creates only frustration, disappointment, friction in one’s relationships, impatience with oneself, to name but a few consequences of trying to walk this process through the mind.

I also realized that, by defining that/such point of ‘idealization’ in the mind as ‘positive’ or ‘more’ or ‘higher’, I at the same time accept a definition of self here as ‘inferior’.

Within that, the whole point of self-trust and self-acceptance is compromised, because one now has this projection of “something more” that one is trying to ‘reach’ or ‘attain’ through the mind.

Which is basically what I did in the years where I focused on spirituality and love & light and positive thinking – while I was completely denying the fact that I was merely suppressing myself and what went on within me, I was not taking responsibility for myself practically, I was merely creating alternate-realities to ‘feel better’ and to find it easier to have or experience ‘self-worth’ – but that was all based on self-judgment, it was all based on mental polarity constructs, ideas, beliefs, value-judgments, and thus in separation from self as life.

So in re-defining ‘perfection’ practically, one can look at ‘perfection’ as Living in every moment that which is best in the context of the moment – best for me, as life, thus best for all as life; To live every moment in a way that does not accumulate regret or self-doubt or self-sabotage; To live in a way that I in every moment do not accept anything less than who I really am, than who I know I can be in the context of the moment, in consideration of everything/everyone involved, and given my level of understanding’ in that moment of time.

Living so is ‘perfection’ because, when at ‘the end if time’ one looks back at oneself, one can look at every moment and be grateful, be content, be satisfied that one has in fact lived ‘best way possible’ not only for oneself as life, but for all life equally.

Now – here obviously one must start ‘small’. To not again go and ‘idealize’ things because then it would all just remain but a theory, an idea, an ideal, a concept – a projection.

So one must really look at how to practically, physically live such self-application, such process of self-realization, starting with being here in every moment, breathing in self-awareness, stopping judgments and comparison and competition and all the separation one has been accepting and allowing in/through the mind.

Here are two Blog posts by a former New-Age follower or ex enlightenment fanatic (lol) with cool insights and practical self-support points to assist with lifting the veils of the mind to get to what is real, to get to actual physical practical living, and real change, through a self-application that is based on the informed exploration and study of the actuality of reality and one’s participation within it:


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