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257: Back to the Basics – toward a new desteni as LIFE

Continuing from my previous blog post

....So – back to the basics:
Breathing, assisting and supporting myself in remaining here in the physical reality and wondering off in the mental realms of polarity, walking self-honesty and self-responsibility, making sure I do not accept anything less than who I really am/can be as life.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
― Lao Tzu

“This is the KEY to self Change --first to let go --to let the Ego go --to stop -- to end what you are, then --you may be able to birth yourself as life --this is complete death of the illusionary self, the cultivated self the learned self , the society self, the family self, the money self, the sex self, all must go in every way --and life might be, if one is true to what is best for all life always as equal to life --as naturally life, as Life Normal - the Living Breath breathing the Living Word on the Living World as the Dust made fleSh as the Self, where no mind exist as separated self-interest seeking imaginary foolfillment.”

So here I am with the realization and the decision that I cannot ‘know’ what will be, but I can let go of what is/has been as I am seeing that the patterns and definitions of the past are not serving me as life, and thus not serving life as such.

Because the patterns and definitions of the past are all taught and thus learned, and they are based on a system of consumerism, a system of polarity, of lack/fear and gain/desire, thus of mental constructs, in separation from life – not equal of life, as source, as all, as equals.

Thus – here I stand, and I commit myself to letting go of all those fake values and polarity definitions of the system/mind.
I commit myself to re-defining myself and the words/values I live on the basis of LIFE, in oneness and equality as life.

I suggest reading the Journey to Life blogs to see how within and through Writing in Self-Honesty one is able to get to know oneself as the mind and to face oneself as what one has become through the conditioned patterns of this preprogrammed consciousness of a consumerism system, which, as we can see everywhere in the world, is rapidly devolving and reaching an unspeakable atrocity.
It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, for all as equals, as one, as life.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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