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256: Assisting Myself to Change


From my previous blog post:

What I realized is that I haven’t been walking my practical living effectively, and was more caught up in the mind and ideas of change, ideas of correction, and at the same time I was habitually focusing on the conditioned ‘negativity’ of my mind, which seems to like to focus on that which is not working, that which is not yet corrected, that which is not ‘perfect’; and all-in-all it’s been a cycle of self-sabotage because clearly such focus is not at all assisting and support myself.

I have looked deeper into this habit/tendency of mine towards ‘negativity’, and I saw an interesting thing –
looking at my life/time before Desteni, where I had the opposite tendency: being ‘positive’, focusing on positive thinking and positive imagination, seeing myself and the world only through positive eyes, trying to deny and suppress anything negative, but this I was doing in fact out of fear of anything negative, thinking and believing that if I gave it attention it night just get to me.

So out of fear of anything ‘negative’, I did not allow myself to see and acknowledge anything negative that existed within me or my world.

Having had the ‘wake-up call’ of common sense after / through my study of the Desteni material and realizing how much we delude ourselves into ‘positivity’ to not have to face the actuality of our reality within and without, to not have to take responsibility for what is here as ourselves and our world, a change occurred within me: where I made a commitment to myself to no longer deny or suppress anything negative, to no longer delude and mislead myself with ‘positive’ thoughts and imagination, and obviously I in one moment stopped any ‘search’ in terms of spirituality or ascension or enlightenment, lol, which was a path I had taken in the past in an attempt to ‘leave behind’ anything negative without having to face it within and as myself.

So, from there, what I did not notice in time, was how I had within the mind developed the opposite-polarity tendency, which was to focus on the negative, on that which is ‘not cool’ or is just ‘not working’, that which I am not yet satisfied with within myself or my world – initially from the perspective of never again allowing myself to suppress, deny or ignore what the fuck is going on, within and without.

What I am realizing now is that – neither ‘positivity’ nor ‘negativity’ is at all supportive in this process, this journey to life. Obviously, lol, this is no news really, however, it’s easy to ‘oversee’ a tendency when one is living AS it, stuck IN it so to speak.

So, within this realization, and especially after a process support chat we had with the Desteni group, I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to work with anything ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ through self-forgiveness in self-honesty, no longer using the ‘negative’ in a way that diminishes me and my effectiveness in the physical reality, but using it as a window/opportunity to actual practical living-solution free of polarity, solutions that are best for life as oneness and equality, thus equally best for self, as who I really am.

Here I share some words from that chat, words that may ‘ring a bell’ and assist You equally in assisting Yourself:

Stop focusing on consequence all the time, and SIMULTANEOUSLY start focusing on STRENGTHENING the CHANGE you identify/see

Change should be a Decision made and WALKED IMMEDIATELY from that moment

Change requires going across the pattern we've always lived, that requires a constant decision and effort that won't feed the mind

Can you remember ANYWHERE in your life, where ANYONE ever attributed to you BUILDING/STRENGTHENING who you are directly, like really spending the time with you to build you?
So, be that for yourSELF in this process, it's what you're doing FOR THE FIRST TIME - actually giving you attention, intimacy, strengthening and building in ALL areas of your life/you within and without

I suggest reading the Journey to Life blogs to see how within and through Writing in Self-Honesty one is able to get to know oneself as the mind and to face oneself as what one has become through the conditioned patterns of this preprogrammed consciousness of a consumerism system, which, as we can see everywhere in the world, is rapidly devolving and reaching an unspeakable atrocity.
It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, for all as equals, as one, as life.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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