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258: The Consistency of the Physical

by Fidelis Spies

Today I was painting a door, and as I was doing so, I noticed an interesting point that should in fact be obvious common sense in this existence: the consistency of the physical.

Just like the physical breath is a stable, ongoing, consistent movement of in-breath and out-breath, painting the door required that I consistently brush up and down, or right and left, moving with the stability of the movement at a stable pace.

Within this repeating application you realize you can’t do faster than simply brushing up and down, or right and left, just like you can’t do more than one breath at a time. There is no boredom or tiredness within that, in spite of the repeated action. On the contrary, it’s like a form of meditation, while one’s attention is focused on the physical communication with the door, the brush, the paint, doing only that which one is in fact busy doing: painting the door.

What is fascinating within that, is that one is participating and interacting in real-time – breath by breath, brush by brush, here in every moment, otherwise it is very easy to get frustrated and/or have all kinds of distractions and reactions on the mind, but then one is not in fact busy Here, but rather “there”, within alternate realities of the mind, thinking ABOUT what one is doing, instead of simply doing, moving, step by step, breath by breath.

This is the same for any point we are dealing with in our reality – we either face / deal with a point directly, seeing it for what it is, in which case we interact with/as the actuality of reality in real-time, or we create all kinds of opinions, judgments, ideas, reactions toward and about the point, in which case we are in fact only interacting with our own mind, our own reactions, our own box of mental and emotional patterns, and within that we completely miss the actuality of reality that is Here.

Investigate Desteni for a real approach to reality, and assist yourself in learning how to face and deal with the actual reality, how to see what is here for-real, and how to start removing the layers of distraction and perception that are conditioned to see only what the mind was taught to see, resulting in a world where we fight for our limitations and wage wars in the name of mental constructs, while we disregard the actuality of the physical reality that sustains us all on this ONE planet we share.

In this context please read:

I suggest reading the Journey to Life  blogs to see how within and through Writing in Self-Honesty one is able to get to know oneself as the mind and to face oneself as what one has become through the conditioned patterns of this preprogrammed consciousness of a consumerism system, which, as we can see everywhere in the world, is rapidly devolving and reaching an unspeakable atrocity.

It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, for All as Equals, as One, as LIFE.

Join us!

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by Anna Brix Thomsen

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