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280: The Power of the Group – Life MisInFormed

I am continuing from
Day 279 | The Power of the Group – Why is Life not ONE
Day 278 | Desteni: Mirrors of Support in the Journey to Life

and here I am looking at how we in our world, this ONE world we share, deal with Information.

And what I see is two major points:
one being that information is tainted by the beliefs and mentalities we adopt under the influence of culture, religion, tradition, belief-systems, etc. –
and the other being the fact that we treat information as “power” and as such there is information that we keep secret, both individually and in the bigger picture /society.

The consequence of this is misinformation, miseducation, manipulation, gossip, corporate lies, deception and the list goes on to Form what I’d call the ‘pillars of evil’ that characterize our world system and essentially that which we have accepted as ‘human nature’, which is/has become a system based in separation, polarity, and thus inevitably inequality, abuse and exploitation;

All of this at the cost of LIFE and in the name of some mental “values” that vary based on culture, religion, social class, traditions, belief-systems, etc., and then human beings or human systems wage war against each-other in the name of god, in the name of love, in the name of profit, completely disregarding the fact we are all equally made of LIFE, we are all here together on this ONE planet that sustains us, and thus LIFE should in common sense be The One actual, real Value that we all have in common and thus equally honor, respect and support: as LIFE.

A view less seen / less considered yet worth looking at, as it enables us to see this whole point from a different perspective, is the analogy of the human body or any living organism for that matter:

For you to function as a living organism, as a body and mind in integrity, all parts of your body, all organs, all cells, all information pathways, work together as one, as equals.

Now – Imagine for a moment that some of the cells of your human body start hiding information or sending false information to other cells – what is going to happen?
It’s not gonna take long before your body goes haywire. The body exists as a whole and all of its parts work together as equals without the liver for example protesting and saying to the heart “hey I should be regarded as more important than you because look, I am bigger than you” or the heart saying “hey look at all the work I’m doing non-stop, I should be the king of this organism, without me you’d all be nothing”.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but that is exactly what we human beings are doing within human society and throughout the world systems, not realizing, not seeing, not considering: that all parts of the whole are interconnected and thus any harm or dysfunction in any one part will equally affect the whole.

Is it really a wonder that the nature of our Oneness in this world is SUFFERING?

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