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277: It’s a Bipolar World – For We are Trapped in Polarity

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Day 275: The Power of Breath in Every Moment
Day 274: Journey to Life through Daily Writing & Self-Honest Introspection

In my previous post I discussed an observation I made with elderly people – an observation that in fact applies to all human beings and how we exist. (You can read the post here for the sake of context: )

I referred to how the experience and the expression / the acting-out thereof will be ‘unique’, the pattern however will be the same:
it’s an energetic, bipolar manifestation.

We’ve looked at the energetic dimension of the point and how it is that energy has become something we follow and make ourselves subject to, thus we in fact abdicate our directive authority and become slaves to energy, to mental concepts of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ which we then allow to determine our worth, our value, while we completely disregard our value as LIFE.

Now – the bipolar nature of this has one interesting practical implication: You can’t have one polarity without the other.

So while we are busy perpetuating ‘positive’ aspects of our mental-ity, be it through bringing up memories that make us feel good, or make us feel righteous, or make us feel like we are a good person or a valuable/worthy person, we are in fact busy suppressing and denying all the ‘negative’ of ourselves, all the things we don’t wanna see and acknowledge as existent within ourselves because then we would have to feel ‘bad’ and ‘unworthy’.

And the more we try to enhance the ‘positive’ side of our mental reality, the more we give power to the ‘negative’ as well, which is why we’ll then experience outbursts of sudden anger or rage, often to the extent of physically acting-out those suppressed emotions that we seem unable to name or even look at, let alone understand how they got to exist within us in the first place.

So it’s interesting that we’ll use the ‘positive’ to suppress and deny the ‘negative’ – instead of realizing that we are within such mental-ity and within such existence through and as a mind merely busy avoiding the actuality of reality, the actuality of ourselves, our lives, our world.

The consequences of such energetic, bipolar existence are vast, but to name one I’d like to point out how we’ve for instance defined ‘peace’ through ‘war’. If one really have a look, there exists no actual peace in this world. Peace is but the absence of war, but war is somehow always there, always a possibility, always an option. And we can’t have peace without war.

But war without is a manifestation of the war within. It’s an energetic conflict based in fear and competition – both within and without. Fear and competition are again ‘experiences’ rooted in polarity, they are in fact based on mental constructs, yet we have lived them into beingness, we have lived them into reality to such an extent that it’s become ‘who we are’ as human beings, as humanity.

We are in pieces, we are not whole. And as long as we are in pieces, there can be no actual peace, a peace that is an expression of who we are in self-awareness as life, in the realization that any harm done to any part of life is harm that will sooner or later return back to self, thus any harm toward life is self-harm to begin with.

So here some considerations on the bipolar nature of energy, and how we have trapped ourselves within polarity constructs, trying to keep only the ‘positive’, not realizing that the way we’ve defined and determined things in our existence, the positive cannot exist without the negative.

There is another way – and at Desteni we challenge ourselves and each-other into re-defining our existence in a way that takes-out the mental polarity constructs we’ve been subjecting our existence to, and purify our words into living words that can stand the test of time and prove to be valid for all as best for all LIFE.

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I suggest reading the Journey to Life blogs to see how within and through Writing in Self-Honesty one is able to get to know oneself as the mind and to face oneself as what one has become through the conditioned patterns of this preprogrammed consciousness of a consumerism/competition system, which, as we can see everywhere in the world, is rapidly devolving and reaching an unspeakable atrocity.

It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, within oneself for oneself, as well as equally for all, as one, as life, as equals.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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