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261: Real Fair Trade – For Life IS the Value

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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I was reading one of the latest blog posts in Economist’s Journey to Life where it is about the life-force as common principle of oneness and equality on Earth and about how the so-called market-force that is the ‘holy spirit’ of the current System is in fact exploits life as we can see within all the consequences of a consumerism system based on separation and the abuse of ‘power’ – war, starvation, poverty, pollution, disease and disorder, violence, trauma, atrocity.

Within the context of a transition period toward actual equality and oneness for our existence practically, as Earthlings on Earth, we’ve been discussing a new point as the transition step, a point we called Equal Money Capitalism.

In this context please read Economist’s Journey to Life to read up on the principles and practical implementation of an equality system (Equal Money System to being with) as well as on the transition steps that can be taken by/through ‘purifying Capitalism’ to stop the abuse and exploitation of life that is happening in the name of profit – through our acceptance and allowance.

Here is an excerpt from the blog that inspired to look at the point of ‘fair-trade’ as well as the point of ‘market-force’ vs. ‘life-force’:

Life-Force instead of Market-Force

Price is no longer going to be based on what the market dictates – there will be no more “market” force within Equal Money Capitalism – what will drive and regulate the economy, is the Life-force.

The Life-Force says that the Market-Force never looked after the life force – and therefore, you have lives that suffer. Thus we move to a Life-force that is based on ‘Capital’ as the People and not a Market-force which is based on ‘things’ and ‘products’ – Life becomes prior: the economy should be about sustaining Life effectively, not ‘selling stuff for the sake of money’.

AS such the market should not dictate – the value of each person’s Life must dictate the price of the product. It’s completely different. And that’s real ‘fair-trade’.

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So –
it’s interesting to see and realize how we have accepted and allowed such thing called ‘market-force’ or ‘market-forces’, making it into something like ‘god’ or religion –
when what really determines the market forces is people’s beliefs and reactions in relation to ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ and thus what in essence determines the market forces is PROFIT – hence a System where profit is placed before LIFE.

Poverty, Hunger, Starvation – all the while there is more than enough for everyone in the world! How insane is that? How long will we, the people, continue to accept and allow such insanity?

The problem is – while on the World-System level we have the so-called “market forces” that functions like the ‘holy spirit’ and is a mechanism that places profit before life, making sure the System and those at the top of the System profit from such existence, regardless the exploitation of life that goes with that profit –

the same mechanism exists on the individual level: it is the Mind System and the ‘spirit’ of man – where each one moves by/as a “mind-force” as if each man were an island; a mind-force that is aligned to ego in separation from life, hence how we exist in self-interest and have failed to produce a world that is best for life / best for all, because our self-interest dictated that we must be driven by fear and desire – the main polarity we are trapped in as mind consciousness systems, as Homo Consumens, which is exactly the polarity point used by the System to trap each one into the system and determine each one’s choices, through fear and desire.

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of yourself as a conditioned mind consciousness system ‘educated’ to serve the System – this System of polarity / separation / abuse –
even when it / the human thinks it is rebelling, revolting, changing the world, or ascending to some higher dimensions.

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