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271: There can be no Oneness without Equality

ART by Ann van den Broeck

Continuing from
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Day 269 - New Age on Earth – Does Oneness exist?
Day 270 - ONENESS – A Desteni Perspective through Lao Tzu

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From my blog post New Age on Earth – Does Oneness exist?

"...What does Oneness practically imply?
Oneness by definition implies Equality.
Without Equality, Oneness is deception – 
it is an empty word filled with fake promises and make-belief ideas just to make us ‘feel better’ while we in fact deny responsibility for ourselves and the world as we know it..."

This is the common sense based on which the principle we stand for, we the group of people at Desteni, is the principle of Oneness and Equality of Life, as Life.

In my understanding, this is the one principle that extends through and determines: our entire existence.
Why is the word LIFE emphasized? – “Oneness and Equality of Life, as Life”

Fact is, that we are always equal to and one with that which we accept and allow ourselves to stand equal to and one with.

Currently, we exist on this earth in equality and oneness with Systems of separation, abuse, dishonesty, fear, manipulation.
We are thus equal to and one with separation and all its derivatives, resulting into a world that is equal to and one with the separation we accept and allow within ourselves and our world – our world being the externalization of our inner nature, the reflection of who WE are within how we live and co-exist.

Our Oneness is currently this Hell of a World – a world in separation, a world in PIECES, where there can be no PEACE.

If we would live here in Oneness and Equality as LIFE, there would be no separation, no abuse, no dishonesty, no fear, no manipulation. There would be the realization that: even one single part of LIFE suffering has an effect on life as a whole. Therefore we would co-exist in mutual support, mutual respect, mutual respect – as LIFE. We would work together and we would support each other in reaching one´s utmost potential, resulting into a home planet that would equally flourish to its utmost potential, and within this: best supporting all that is here.

See, as life – we are equal:
we come from the same substance and return to the same dust of the Earth; we share the same physical needs and requirements for a life in dignity; we all breathe the same air; we are all equally made of water – yet we made “blood thicker than water” and based our existence in survival, not on LIVING.
We blame the elite bloodlines for how they go about in this world, yet every family in essence goes about the same way with their ´own´. And so this has become an existence of OWNership, where profit is placed before life, and blood before water.

Equality is the key to correcting our Oneness into a Oneness of LIFE, of real love in action, through practical living within how we live and co-exist. Yes, the inherent fear and of a polarity system that has been indoctrinated into our consciousness throughout eons of time is gonna take TIME to transcend. But the common sense is here, the tools are here, the platform is here, for anyone that is willing to start peeling off the layers of consciousness brainwashing and start getting real as LIFE to do so.

Join us in the Journey to Life and let´s walk!

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves as a conditioned mind consciousness system ‘educated’ to serve the System – this System of polarity / separation / abuse – even when it (the human) thinks it is rebelling, revolting, changing the world, or ascending to some higher dimensions...

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