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265: Idealization of Change makes Walking the Change difficult

ART by Ann Van Den Broeck

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Idealization of Change makes Walking the Change difficult – 
Why do I say that?

What I realized within my process, especially when looking back at my life and observing the ‘tendencies’ of my beingness – a point within which I am currently applying the self-corrective living, is the point of ‘idealization’:
wherein the living principles of self-support / the process of change will be taken on from an intellectual approach, a mind approach basically, while the physical integration of the realizations is receiving secondary attention and application or even being ignored or suppressed or sabotaged.

Obviously, the point of the Desteni message is and has been that without practical living and actual change in our world and reality – we are not in fact evolving but only devolving or mutating toward our own self-destruction, which is actually quite visible in our world, if you read the news and dare inform yourself about what is going on daily around the globe, on the smaller and bigger scale.

So obviously, it’s not about ‘following’ or ‘believing’ in a principle, the principle of oneness and equality of life in this case – it is about whether one in fact lives and applies such principle or such realization practically, and whether one explores what it really means to actually live it, express as it (oneness for example, or equality) within and as oneself, inside and outside.

Looking back, my whole life has been that of ‘idealizing’ – I was a strong idealist already as a kid and then as teenager, later on in the university too, which was where I went into spirituality and followed new age beliefs, which, as I later realized / saw / understood by studying the Desteni research material, was nothing but an distraction from the actuality of myself, nothing but an attempt to veil / suppress / deny my actual experience of ‘inferiority’ and my self-judgment and all those things I didn’t know how to deal with or direct within myself and my world – thus I was ‘relieved’ to find such things as spirituality for instance (for others it’s religions, or subcultures, or ideologies, or anything that one defines as ‘more valuable’ or ‘higher’ or a ‘savior’ or anything of that kind).

And during my interest for spirituality I read all kinds of books and accepted the brainwashing because I was wishing for such alternate belief-reality to escape from all that, to escape from myself thus basically, to not have to face me and the actuality of my own reality.

By walking with the Desteni tools I got to see and realize what self-honesty is, how we are able to exist in self-dishonesty and even sabotage ourselves and what is best for us, what is best for life, in the name of ridiculous ‘excuses’ and ‘justifications’, beliefs, perceptions, definitions, that only limit us and who we really are, and consequently limit everything in our personal world.

And then one tends to go and start thinking or believing that one is ‘simply not strong enough’ or ‘not good enough’ or ‘flawed’ – just out of fear of taking self-responsibility and standing in oneness and equality with oneself and one’s own creation.

Further support in this context is to be found within the daily Journey to Life Blogs – and specifically you can read here: Conspiracies of Synchronicities –  a post about the ‘educated’ belief of ‘being flawed’ and the accepted ‘inferiority’ of ourselves,  an inherent point of human ‘education’ (aka brainwashing) within the current System.

Also, I found great support on this point within a process support interview that is about the mind-physical relationship in the process of self-realization – you can get it here.

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of yourself as a conditioned mind consciousness system ‘educated’ to serve the System – this System of polarity / separation / abuse –
even when it / the human thinks it is rebelling, revolting, changing the world, or ascending to some higher dimensions.

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