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259: Assisting myself to Change – part 2

by Ann Van Den Broeck

 Continuing from Day 256: Assisting Myself to Change

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I recently read the following Blog and the latest posts pertaining to self change and how we can assist and support ourselves to stop IMAGINING change, to stop focusing on the consequences/the negative/that which is not yet where we’d like it to be – and start changing in fact, for-real, step by step, breath by breath;

by not only walking through the already manifested consequences and the ‘negative’ aspects of our existence in self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective living, but also through supporting and strengthening the good, that which in fact supports us as life and thus all life equally, that which is worthy establishing, expanding, accumulating; that which is the fruit of the path we have walked in self-honesty, self-respect, self-acceptance as life.

It is really suggested to read the Heaven’s Journey to Life Blog to get an insight on the multi-dimensions of this process humanity is facing, this process of walking ourselves out of the alternate realities of the mind where anyone can be 'king' while half the world is suffering, and into the physical reality that is Here as ourselves, our world, nature, the animal kingdom and the myriads of living organisms that we in our self-deluded 'dominion' ignore, yet without which our own existence as human beings would not be possible on planet Earth.

It is really recommended to start questioning the realities we create in the mind, as they only exist in the mind and have no actual impact on this physical reality, otherwise this world would already be a better place if one consider the eons of times in which we have hoped, dreamed, imagined and visualized: change, love, peace, harmony for this world.

Why has this world never really changed?
Why is self change so difficult?
Why do patterns of the past seem to have such power – so much so that our own will often seems like David in front of Goliath when it comes to moving beyond our conditioned existence and into self-determination, self-movement, self-realization in the actuality of the physical reality?

If you are seriously interested in CHANGE – the change everyone in fact wishes to see in our world – then I’d suggest ask yourself these/such questions in self-honesty, and study the Desteni research material as well as the Journey to Life blogs posted daily around the world by people like you and me that started questioning the accepted ‘reality’ we have come to be bound to.

It is time to take self-responsibility and restore the directive will of life, for All as Equals, as One, as LIFE.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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by Anna Brix Thomsen

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