Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Day 224: DNA Activation 12-21-12

ART by Matti Freeman

Among the various theories around 12-21-12 there is much talk about "DNA activation"...

The question here would be: how come one would trust “something” that is apparently able to ‘miraculously’ change you, make you ‘more’, make you ‘better’, make you ‘more powerful’?!

Is man so desperate and so powerless within oneself, that one would trust anything PROMISING success, power, glory, and all the “goodies” promulgated by the consumerism system just to keep man wanting, desiring, needing, searching – never however getting to the point of actually empowering oneself, through self-honesty and practical common sense and thus a process of Man Know Thyself, a process of actual self-awareness as life beyond the limitations and deceptions of the system...

Why not activate ourselves through and within true activism?
This would entail in fact understanding how WE function as mind consciousness and how the World functions as the systems we have developed, accepted, and allowed to govern our existence. What governs us in the mind within, and what governs us in the world, without – and why?

These are vital questions, and unless we in fact understand our creation, within and without, we cannot bring forth actual change that goes beyond the rules of the system as we know it.

Investigate the Desteni movement towards self-honesty and practical common sense!

Watch: DNA Activation -
Sensational Promises for Delusional Minds


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