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239: The Journey to Life in Daily Blogs

I am continuing here from 235: Writing Block is Self Block ...and it's JudgeMental
and 238: Writing Flow - Self Flow | Writing as Self-Movement

Writing consistently throughout years, I have discovered the power of writing as a recreational tool. Since I started my process of self-forgiveness with Desteni five-six years ago, writing has been the directive action I take to clarify my mind, see through the patterns of my consciousness and give myself direction in self-honesty, as I redefine my existence from self-interest as ego to self-awareness as life –
a process we are walking as Desteni – to form a new destiny for humanity and our world a place where Life is valued in fact.

All of us who are standing-up to become accountable individuals and manifest a world that will be best for all life equally: are walking the process of investigating and effectively directing the influences we have been controlled by within and without – through media, ‘education’, the systems of our society that are still based in inequality, power abuse and fake values.
This can only be done if one is willing to in self-honesty see and acknowledge what we have been accepting and allowing ourselves to exist within and as, and what we have allowed to become of our existence as a whole. This process must be walked and tested individually, yet in the realization of life as oneness in interconnectedness, thus in awareness of what is best for life/all.

That is also where equality comes-in to make the oneness real and effective – and this equality is yet another point that begins within self. As self is the starting point of everything – this world would not be what it is if WE were not what we are.
Therefore it is to investigate: where and how am I subject to polarities and inner conflict, how was that created and how did I participate in the creation thereof?

That is where self-responsibility comes in = the key to self-willed realization. What are we making ourselves real as? That is the question
and the current answer is in the face of this world that we've manifested as well as in the face of all the personal relations and relationships that we entertain.

Investigating and directing/transcending the accepted mind-control which is the result of the influences we've been exposed to in this reality: is the only way to free ourselves from the matrix of separation, polarity and self-interest, realize ourselves as self-willed equals of life, and stand as accountable individuals that live life to the fullest, dedicated to bring-forth a life-support system for our world that will allow every single being to live, express and expand in freedom and dignity, without fear.

The interview Finding your purpose in the Journey to Life had supported me in making the decision of daily writing, as a physical evidence of my daily I-process, wherein I walk the self-investigation and transformation of the patterns of my 'I' –
From the consciousness I've existed as throughout my life as a system in this world-system, into a living-expression that exists as and brings-forth equality into our oneness and dignity into our way of life.

This is how we'll form a new system of actual life-support – a system is always equal to all its participants, a system is nothing more but the relationships formed by its individual parts, and that is us, the people.
We are like the dough, and as we purify and re-form ourselves, we will form the Bread of Life as ourselves, and we will give what we would like to receive, until all are able to not only eat the Bread of Life but also to create it, and all will be creators and all will be equals, as Life.

Let's walk!

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