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Day 228: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money – pt.2

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Here I am continuing from
Day 227: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money

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In my previous blog post I elaborated on the matrix of our current existence, which is based on equations of polarityrelationships of superiority/inferiority, master/slave, good/evil, Haves/Have-Nots – and which creates an absolute power-game of inequality and a constant struggle, a competition that we call Human Race, wherein we are racing for ‘survival’ all the while there is enough of everything for ALL.

From my previous blog post:
We have disgraced our actual PHYSICAL equality as living beings, and have created MENTAL concepts of inequality to ‘justify’ our self-interest, which is Ego.
We have based our entire existence and the systems we have created to manage our existence on these mental concepts of inequality and have polarized our world in all possible ways, creating nothing but conflict, abuse, deception, as we exploit life in the name of profit, in the name of self-interest, in the name of our ‘OWN’, while we leave 2/3 of the world citizens to suffer under unspeakable conditions, not to mention the earth itself, nature and the animal kingdom.

It’s interesting to note that we have created a complexity out of our existence that is unnecessary, and it only serves those in power, it only serves the System itself, human lives come and go and what prevails throughout our existence – is the System. Which interestingly enough indicates that OUR existence, OUR nature, OUR participation, OUR interactions: create and re-create the system, the world as we know it, and despite all revolution, rebellion, or revolt, nothing ever really changes, history just keeps repeating, and all that’s changing is the faces, the pictures, the names – but in essence, it is the same twisted game, over and over and over again.

The solution to this is simplistic. At the same time however, it is not easy, because it implies understanding the complexity we have created and more importantly: HOW we have created it. It implies understanding the inter-plays, the mechanics, the ‘laws’ of existence as we know it, as that is the only way we can change it. Furthermore it implies that we must investigate how such ‘laws’ exist through OUR permission, OUR acceptance and allowance, OUR participation. Because without the human, the system would not exist.

These and more are the points we investigate at Desteni – whereby we willingly question everything that we have accepted and allowed, and within that investigate cause and effect to understand our existence from the perspective of CONSEQUENCE, and thus to understand how we came to be where we are at today, individually and collectively. In the realization that life is interconnected and interdependent, we can see that all our words, thoughts and deeds have consequences, and every moment of our participation has an impact on existence as a whole. This is in essence how we manifest What is Here as this world, our reality.

Changing the matrix of existence in the interest of life means to place LIFE as the highest value – the actual value that we all share and which makes as Equal as living beings, as citizens of the Earth.

That is why Equal Money is currently the only way to actual change.

Money has become the god of our world, everything of our existence is determined by money. And our concept of money is based on polarity, on separation, on inequality. And this has the consequence we see in our world, where money determines your choices you have and the choices you don’t have, money determines your survival, your life, your death. And interestingly enough, money is what keeps those that COULD do something about it all – that COULD work on solutions to starvation, poverty, war – contained and distracted, busy with their own survival, busy struggling and slaving day in day out just to feed themselves and their families, just to pay the bills and make sure their future is somehow protected, while 2/3 of the world population exist in atrocious conditions, in poverty, famine, war, hunger, starvation.

So – Equal Money will first of all put an end to this ‘survival mode’ that we are all contained within, it will assist and support mankind to transcend survival fear, and will provide everyone with the time and peace required to deal with and sort out what matters: the nature of our existence, individually and collectively.

Equal Money means equal life, equal dignity, equal freedom. It means equal rights, equal access, equal power. It means collective responsibility and thus collective participation. It means the end of hierarchy and thus the end of abuse, the end of exploitation, the end of inequality.

Equal Money will put an end to the deterioration of life that is happening in the name of profit, because in common sense the only valid profit is where LIFE profits, thus where ALL profit equally from any and all policies and systems that we may form to support the equal distribution of goods, resources, and services for ALL life, making sure that no one is left behind, no one is left to struggle or suffer.

See – you do not choose where you are born in this world, you do not choose the conditions into which you come into beingness. That starving child, that dying soldier, that hungry soul – it could have been you. And maybe it will be, in another life.

We do have the power to equalize the living conditions in our world into dignity and freedom for all. So that no matter where you are born, you are certain to have what you need for a dignified life on earth, for your education, development and growth, for your expression and expansion, for you to explore and discover yourself and what it means to LIVE and CREATE.

Equal Money is a model where money is given the value of life; where the systems to be formed around the resource are based on the value of life; where life is acknowledged as the only actual value and thus practically and in fact supported in all possible ways.

At the Equal Money Forum and Wiki we discuss the HOW-TO, and everyone is welcome and explicitly implored to participate, to share input, to work together so that we form the best possible solutions for every single point that pertains to practical living on Earth.

Visit Desteni to educate yourself on this vital point and start realizing our collective responsibility as Earthlings.

Visit the Equal Money Wiki and read up on the solutions we are working out, participate and share your input, so that we can work together and stand together as Life, as One, and once and for all CHANGE our existence in the interest of Life as a Whole!

Visit the Economist Journey to Life and educate yourself in how the accepted system in fact works, in understanding cause and effect, acknowledging consequence, and realizing that the solution is as simplistic as common sense - that to get there however will take understanding the core of the system as it exists within and without, so that we can change things by changing our starting-point and our individual participation in our world based on collective responsibility and the self-realization of Life as One, which implies that within that Oneness we are all equals as life.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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