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243: Manifested Consequences and the Equal Money System

by Ann Van Den Broeck

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Day 240: Living in an equal money system would be cool

No other solution proposal in our world takes into consideration all dimensions of the manifested consequences we are facing as humanity on Earth like the Equal Money System.

Watch the documentary BLIND SPOT to see and understand one dimension of the manifested consequences of a profit-driven system.

This should be common sense: that we require to understand the consequences we are facing as humanity on Earth, so that the we come to the solutions that will not only minimize the already existent disaster and depletion on Earth, but will also allow for the projection and implementation of a preventive reformation of our world systems, to not have to face the same points in the future, as that would jeopardize not only the well being of the Earth but also of future generations.

That is the nasty of profit-driven systems: they only care for profit NOW, ignoring the consequences emerging for ALL, consequences that are inevitable and that all know about, as they can be mathematically drawn and shown. This also means that we could, if we wanted, work with the consequences in a way that is Best for All.

That is what the equal money system is about.

From the perspective of an equal money system, which is the perspective of Life as the value, as the oneness and equality of all that exists in our Here, it is impossible to substantially and effectively change our existence, our world, our systems, unless we investigate to the detail the mechanisms and inter-plays thereof in all their interconnectedness, to understand how we got here in the first place and what the mechanisms are that keep the system in place – with all the poverty, starvation, exploitation, inequality, abuse, war and conflict, to name but a few of the consequences, let alone the deterioration of physical life on Earth.

This investigation is not only imperative within our world, but also in the individual life processes of human beings. Because to get to common sense as life, what is required is a certain level of self-honesty and the acknowledgement of self-responsibility: that self is part of the world, and that the world as we know it would not exist were it not for all the ‘selfs’ and how they exist and interact, from the smaller to the bigger.

What are the invisible laws that determine our behaviour? Why is this whole world system a bipolar system? What are the beliefs, the self-definitions, the identity crises, the power-games, the fears and desires that drive our existence? Where and how do they originate? And can they exist without our acceptance, without our allowance, without our permission? Why do we keep accepting and allowing a world system that does not value life?

Here some excerpts from the Equal Money Wiki:

Nature and Symbiosis
When left to operate naturally, the plant and animal world exist in a symbiotic relationship with each other. Symbiosis is, in essence, a giving and receiving – a form of value exchange. When all parts of nature are allowed to exist in a symbiotic way – they together exist as a massive and complex life-support system, which human beings are meant to be a part of.
A profit-driven system has altered how we view and participate in nature, where we have started to take more than we require and virtually stopped giving back, hereby disrupting the balancing effect nature requires in order to be able to perform its function as a symbiotic life-support system.
Read more here


Prevention is the Best Cure
Decision-making within an Equal Money System will adhere to the Constitutional Principle of ‘Prevention is the Best Cure’. This implies that with every decision made, all possible ramifications, consequences and outflows must be considered in order to design the policies and regulations in a way that do not cause unnecessary harm to the current or future generations of plants, animals and humans.
The moment disharmony exists, it indicates that the point of disharmony was not adequately prevented. Becoming aware of such a point of disharmony places us in a reactive mode. A reactive mode always takes place after the harm as a result of disharmony that has already occurred, and thus, it is in essence ‘too late’ as the harm cannot be undone. To design a regulatory political system based on reactive measures is therefore unacceptable, as it implies that we wait for harm to take place before action is taken. Currently, policy and regulations are mostly based on the interest of select groups. This causes harm to manifest on other levels that were not included in the equation, causing us to continuously be in a reactive mode as we attempt to correct the mistakes of our past. This is why it is so important to always design policies and regulations according to the Principle of What is Best for All, as it will enable us to prevent disharmony before it occurs.
Obviously, taking action before harm takes place also reduces the amount of resources that go into correcting mistakes and dealing with the consequences of carelessness. A simple example is nutrition. There are countless ills that are currently caused through inadequate nutrition, among which are diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, impaired cognitive functions such as memory capacity, and so on. Treatment for such ills requires a whole range of resources and is time-intensive. If the source is corrected, which is the diet, the ills are prevented as well as the need to use up resources for their treatment.
Initially, policy making will still largely involve correcting the mistakes of our past, as there were many, and thus many consequences. However, as we progress as a global society within the ability to prevent disharmony and to direct all matters in a harmonious way, we will be able to bring children in the world knowing that we’ve taken all preventative measures to allow them to live a life without harm. And thus, the principle of fear as it is now part of society will have been addressed and will no longer form part of our co-existence.
Read more Here

Visit the Equal Money Wiki and read up on the solutions we present, and do participate and share your input so that we can work together and stand together as Life, as One, and once and for all CHANGE our existence in the interest of Life as a Whole!

Visit Desteni to educate yourself on this vital point and start realizing our collective responsibility as Earthlings.

Visit the Economist Journey to Life and educate yourself in how the accepted system in fact works, in understanding cause and effect, acknowledging consequence, and realizing that the solution is as simplistic as common sense - that to get there however will take understanding the core of the system as it exists within and without, so that we can change things by changing our starting-point and our individual participation in our world based on collective responsibility and the self-realization of Life as One, which implies that within that Oneness we are all equals as life.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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