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Day 227: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Here I am continuing from
Day 225: The Fabricated Matrix of Human Existence
Day 226: Stopping the Matrix through Collective Responsibility

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In my previous blog post I elaborated on the point of collective responsibility and how through realizing collective responsibility we can start stopping this entire matrix of fear that we have accepted to define and determine our existence, within and without.

From my previous blog post:
The key to stopping the matrix that determines our existence within and without is in the realization of collective responsibility – the realization that LIFE is interconnected and interdependent, and that any harm done unto a single part of life, is harm done unto life as a Whole.
We will not change the system by fighting the system - because the system exists through us, as who we are in all our relationships and throughout every moment of our participation in the world. It is useless to fight ourselves, this only indicates ignorance and shows that we see things in separation and that we are not understanding the interconnectedness of everything in the bigger picture.

Now – if we investigate the nature of the accepted matrix that governs our existence to its core, we will find that this matrix is based on and consists of: relationships of inequality, equations of polarity, hence also a constant friction between concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’, ‘master’ and ‘slave’, Haves and Have-Nots.

The operative word here being CONCEPTS –
because if we look at things in common sense, it is easy to see that we are all here on this one earth, we share the same requirements in terms of what a human beings needs to have a dignified life without fear, without struggle, without dependencies; we are all made of flesh and bones, we all breathe the same air, and therefore we are EQUAL as Earthlings, as citizens of the earth, as life. And yet, for some twisted reason we do not see common sense, we ignore the fact that we are here on common ground which would imply that we share a common interest – LIFE –

and yet, we have managed to separate ourselves from life, from each-other, and create fake “values” and “interests” that are constantly in conflict, disregarding the interest of life in the name of self-interest, profit, separation.

We have created mental concepts to differentiate “us” and “them”, as if we were not from the substance, as if we were not all to return to the same source at death. How peculiar, that, even though birth and death is equal for all and even though we have equal needs in order to have a life in dignity in the time between birth and death, we choose to ignore our equality and to define ourselves based on our differences, to such an extent that we’ll go to war in the name of our differences and kill each-other in the name of – what really…

So if we look at what we have done and put it in plain words:

We have disgraced our actual PHYSICAL equality as living beings, and have created MENTAL concepts of inequality to ‘justify’ our self-interest, which is Ego.

We have based our entire existence and the systems we have created to manage our existence on these mental concepts of inequality and have polarized our world in all possible ways, creating nothing but conflict, abuse, deception, as we exploit life in the name of profit, in the name of self-interest, in the name of our ‘OWN’, while we leave 2/3 of the world citizens to suffer under unspeakable conditions, not to mention the earth itself, nature and the animal kingdom.

To be continued.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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