Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

236: Physics and the Desteni Process – Existential

by Sylvie Jacobs

I read an article in the German paper “Die Zeit” the other day about the acidification of our waters, of Earth’s water. When I read Maya Rot’s blog on physics I could see how it is scientifically possible to see and apply physics in its connection to the human existence.

I saw a parallel between the acidification of Earth’s waters and the acidification of the human being, the human existence, which, if we look at it from a behavioural/expressionism perspective that would include the emotional aspect of human experience: is evidently become more and more rotten, acidy, poisonous. Society is killing the individual and the individual is killing society, and at the same time society is the creation of individuals interacting with each-other.

The interaction aspect of human existence is worth looking into from all perspectives and dimensions, because evidently it is demonstrating a spiral of devolution – expressed everywhere in every moment, through all media, politics, and shock events like school shootings and other violent crimes.

Who is the real criminal? It is a vicious cycle that re-creates itself, as the system creates and re-creates the human and the human creates and re-creates the system.
By what law, in what image and likeness? Why is our beingness what our beingness is? And why do we seem to only be busy doing everything to ignore the ‘evil’ while we delude ourselves with projections of ‘good’/’god’ in the mental? What is the real ‘evil’?

If evil exists it is here and now in the image and likeness of a human existence that rides on self-interest and feeds on others, manifesting a system where profit is placed before life and the value of life is replaced with mental concepts of ‘value’.

Read the blogs on Physics written by Maya Rot.
Maya is studying physics and has been walking the Desteni I Process for some years now. The blog series presents a brilliant approach, embedded in common sense, and inspires to critical thinking and self-realization in the context of existence as a whole.
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