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231: Stopping the Matrix of Abuse through Equality pt.3

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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226: Stopping the Matrix through Collective Responsibility
227: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money
228: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money – pt.2
229: Stopping the Matrix of Abuse through Equality
230: Stopping the Matrix of Abuse through Equality - pt.2

From my previous blog post:
...A Oneness of inequality as we currently live it in our existence: is based on hierarchies and the abuse of power.
A real Oneness is based on Equality. Oneness by definition implies equality. Anything else is deception and nothing but ‘beautiful’ words that represent a concept, a mental idea, but no lived actuality in fact.
A oneness based in equality as the value of life would mean no more hierarchy and no more power abuse – no more abuse of any kind whatsoever!...

What is interesting is that in our world, the principle of equality is often feared, as people will connect it to communism for instance, without even stopping for a moment to really investigate what we are saying when we refer to the principle of equality.

One must consider that what was applied within communism was not real equality, as there was still a point of power – namely the system itself, the state, the ‘ideal’ that everyone served. But that ‘ideal’ was not Life, it was not an all-inclusive concept, rather it was a concept of separation just like any other political concept of this world.

Another point to consider is that of governance and administration. In the Equal Money solution, one can see that the aim is to completely stop the hierarchical concept and to instead give everyone equal responsibility, as it should be, by the mere fact that we are all here together sharing this one planet where we have the same requirements for survival and the same needs for a dignified life.

From the Equal Money Wiki:

Levels of Administration

Both global and federal/local levels will function within the same framework in terms of laws and policies. Implementation of policy will be region-specific which is where local administration comes in.
Implementation at a local level will be carried out by a local council, elected by the locals, which must regularly be substituted by new members. The point would be to make the local council an opportunity for each one to take a moment of responsibility within the system and to do their ‘civic duty’ so to speak. Therefore, each member will only serve one term. And within that one hopes to eventually have each person during a lifetime serving a term on the council, so that each one can experience what it means to work with a group of people.
Within this, education again plays a part. A person will not just be able to become a council member without first going through preparation, where one requires to go through a process of training and understanding in terms of what is involved – so that there is a smooth transitioning process within changing from council to council.
To apply for such a position, one would submit their availability and apply for a position. Once their term has ended, it is time for the next person. Unless there is no alternative, a person will not be allowed a second term; each one only gets a single term. This way, each one can get the opportunity of experiencing what it means to be a leader within a point of responsibility and within a point of distribution.
In terms of any form of abuse that may occur, anyone will be able to address and direct the point of abuse directly to the federal administration in reporting that there is a problem in this particular local council, where authority is being abused. If a person makes such an assertion and this assertion is based on some form of mental disorder, it will be addressed accordingly. If the abuse of authority is based on some mental disorder, it will be addressed and supported accordingly. The fact that a person goes into a mental disorder does not make them completely dysfunctional, and thus does not completely exclude them from participation. They are addressed, corrected and then receive a chance of forgiveness to correct their point. One will thus not be ‘branded’ as mental disordered – because it is simply part of the human condition at this stage. Currently, not enough is yet understood about how this all functions, and therefore, there is going to be some difficulties, where we need to address the mental disorder.
Once a person has proven their effectiveness within administrative responsibilities on a local level, they are eligible to submit their application for a position on a (more) global level.

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