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Day 225: The Fabricated Matrix of Human Existence

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Here I am continuing from
Day 222: Puppet Masters and Fabricated Identity

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Wake Up, You have been Brainwashed!

We exist AS the system. Take the human out, and the system is no more.
The human has become so fake, basing its existence on such fake "values", that the only thing benefiting from the current human existence and the existence of the system as is: is the SYSTEM itself.

We have for so long simply accepted what was being served to us by the ´leaders´, the ´governments´, the ´experts´ - without ever questioning this whole existence to its core.

Why? Because we have accepted that somehow we can abdicate our responsibility to the ´big ones´, just like children are dependent on their parents to guide them. But do the ´big ones´ have the best interest of everyone in mind, nevermind at heart? And what do we do then? We blame the system, we blame the leaders, we blame the governments - but we do not for a moment stop to see that we are the ones accepting the world as we know it, we are the ones that give away our responsibility and thus our power, accepting ourselves to be mis-led with fake promises, with feelings of ´grandeur´ and ´benevolence´ while there is nothing of this world that is in fact benevolent in the interest of LIFE.

Dare to question everything that you have deemed ´good´ - charities, religions, spirituality, ´love & light´, status, ´power´, tradition - because these are the things that keep you blinded from the actuality of reality; these are the things that keep you limited and focused only on self-interest; these are the things that give you the illusion that you are making choices, that you are a good person, that you are somehow contributing to the betterment of society, all the while you do not see How society is formed, What the mechanics of human interaction are based, and How the consumerism system has you buying into it by manipulating you through feelings and emotions, of which you have no clue How they are created or How they function.

Who profits from a human that is so split within itself in multiple personalities, playing character roles in power-games, trying to win all the time against everyone else? Who profits from a human so gullible to ´feeling good´ that it is unable to regard anything beyond self-interest, unwilling to see itself in the bigger picture and realize responsibility, unable to considfer and regard the interconnectedness and interdependence of life?

We are like puppets on strings, and the puppet masters care not for the lives of individual beings – they care only for the system itself, because the system is ‘god’, is that which allows the puppet masters to have ‘heaven on earth’ for themselves and their OWN only, while 2/3 of the world population are left to experience hell on earth, in poverty, hunger, starvation, a life that is a struggle in every breath.

At Desteni we are investigating the system from the inside out, realizing that only if the human change - the system can change - and society can change. We are stepping out of the fabricated illusion and forgive the fakeness we have accepted and become. In this journey to life, we explore and investigate what it practically means to place LIFE as the highest value, the value we all equally share, as we all breathe the same air.

We are stopping ourselves from being subject to systematic driving forces within and without, and we train ourselves in self-honesty, self-responsibility, self-awareness as life - to be and become the directive principle of ourselves and our reality, in dignity, integrity, common sense, standing accountable for What is Here as our existence and making sure that our existence within and without is in the interest of LIFE as who we all really are.

Because as long as we are subject to the system, within or without, any attempts of change are useless; as long as we follow instead of leading ourselves in self-honesty, we remain slaves. How can we lead our world to freedom if we are not free? And how can we be free as long as we are subject to the systematic patterns of the past, the patterns that evidently cause only struggle, conflict, war? How can we be free as long as we exist in fear?

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ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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