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233: The Application of Justice in an Equal Money System

ART by Niklas Nydhal

If we look at the application of justice within the current system, what we see is that a peculiar principle is being applied when it comes to dealing with crime and injustice within society.

The very approach of ‘dealing with’ for instance crime, implies that what is being done is in no way something that supports actual understanding of the cause and effect of or example crime or something that introduces ways of actual correction so as to in fact prevent crime in the first place and to truly assist individuals with self-healing and re-education.

The current system is in itself an unjust system, therefore the justice applied in the current system is equally unjust.

In other words, no actual justice exists in the current world system, because crime and injustice is being ‘dealt with’ on the basis of a peculiar principle: the polarity concept of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’. Within that, the ‘reward’ always goes to those that support the system and comply with the system, whereas those that do not support the system or do not manage to comply with the system are ‘dealt with’ through punishment.

This principle can be seen in many if not all aspects of ‘human nature’, starting with parenting, wherein: because parents lack the basic skills of understanding human nature, they, instead of understanding their children and supporting them in expressing and expanding themselves in a process of developing themselves to accountable and responsible human beings, try to ‘deal with’ and ‘educate’ their children through ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’.

Surely, the system has been such that it did not allow the actual education of human beings into integrity and accountability, let alone understanding of the nature of the human race and the consciousness that drives it. Therefore, generation after generation, parents pass on to their children the same misunderstanding and the same patterns within which they themselves have been raised –
hence a world where history keeps repeating and every new generation repeats the ‘sins of the fathers’ (often in a different way, yet in essence it is always the same patterns playing out), never actually understanding cause and effect so as to be able to stop the patterns from repeating and take responsibility for bringing forth actual change within self and the world, such that would result in a world where life is in fact valued.

If the system was such that it would in fact care for and support all life equally, much of the crime that we witness in society would not exist – would not ‘need’ to exist.

It is peculiar that the system brands those who ‘do not make it’ in the system as ‘criminals’, when in fact the very system as such is a criminal system of discrimination, where only selected groupings of people and their interests are ‘protected’.
What is protected in the current system in fact is the interest of profit, not the interest of life. This is happening through abuse of power and the solidification of inequality through laws that only exist to protect those that hold the power / the profit.

More on laws and the rule of law within the next blog post.

At this point I’d like to share the entry on The Application of Justice from the Equal Money Wiki, elaborating on the point of Justice:

The Application of Justice in an Equal Money System

Identifying the Source of Disharmony for Correctional Action
Within an Equal Money System the meaning of justice is the maintenance of harmony in society. Therefore, injustice will entail the correction of points of disharmony. Whenever an individual or group of individuals is living in disharmony, and thus, will cause disruption and harm within society - an assessment will be done in terms of the origin of the disharmony.
If the disharmony is caused by inefficient management guidelines or institutional structures, then this inefficiency requires to be addressed on managerial or institutional level to correct the disharmony. Because in such event, the disruptive behavior of the individual or group of individuals is a reaction to a disharmonious environment - and thus, in removing the cause of the disharmony, the behavior will be corrected.
If the disharmony originates within the individual, it will be assessed whether the behavior is deliberate and a form of spite, or whether the condition is medical. In the event that the origin is deliberate spitefulness by the individual, a social intervention will take place by experts. Because - understand that the moment one causes disharmony within society, one is in breach of the basic constitution - and therefore, one will no longer have the protection of the constitution, because one is breaking it. And, thus, from a certain perspective, one is breaking the law. However, the issue is not that one is breaking a law, but that one is breaking the harmony of co-existence - which means one is causing harm and such harm must be prevented. Therefore, experts with the necessary level of skills to be able to assist, will take action through taking the individual through a process of re-education. In the event that the condition is medical, where the dysfunctional behavior is caused by a chemical imbalance within the human, the correctional intervention will be centered around re-establishing the harmony within the physical make-up of the individual.

Correctional Facilitation
Within the current system we speak of 'correctional facilities', but what is actually being referred to is a building where we can lock-up criminals who now have to 'serve time' as payment for their mistakes. Thus - the term 'correctional facilities' is inappropriate as not enough - if any - emphasis is placed upon the actual correction of the disharmonious behavior.
Within an Equal Money System, disharmony will be addressed through facilitating correction in every possible way - which is what correctional facilities are supposed to be about. The focus will therefore not be upon punishment and revenge - as these actions in no way facilitate actual understanding, which is necessary to effectively correct the disharmony. As such, these measures only take into consideration those who were on the receiving end of the harm caused by the disharmony through making them feel 'safe', remunerating them for losses experienced or giving them a sense of satisfaction through vengeance. Obviously, this implies that the way the justice system currently works does not consider what is Best for All, as the well-being of the individual in disharmony is not equally considered. The justice system requires to address points of harm and disharmony in a way that is sustainable and actually aids the society as a whole. Punishment and revenge are merely quick-fixes to temporarily resolve a point of conflict, but don't ensure the prevention of further harm.

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