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247: Cultivating the Seed of Life for Dignity and Freedom on Earth

ART by Cathy Krafft

This world consists of different 'cults' separated from each-other in groups, defined by their differences, each 'cult' trying to 'protect' itself against the others, trying to be the best, the one that wins, because "the winner takes it all" - the 'elite' being obviously the ultimate 'cult' and the ultimate 'winner' when it comes to life on earth.
In this whole game we have come to completely disregard our common origin, our common ground, our common sense in this physical existence.

Thing is, masters can only exist when there are slaves accepting and allowing this bipolar relationship of control. What I'm saying is that we are all responsible for the current condition on our planet.

At Desteni we investigate how we got here and how we can practically and in fact stop being slaves and stand-up to take responsibility for life, for ourselves, for each-other.

We have a world in pieces unable to find peace, because in the realms of religion, culture, society, peer-groups, financial groupings, etc., what is cultivated is separation, fear, prejudice, self-interest - the 'need for survival' no matter the cost for life as a whole.

The devastating results of such existence can be seen in the crises we are facing as humanity, whereby in our 'struggle for survival' we have depleted earth of its natural resources and have allowed for 2/3 of the world's population to exist in inhumane conditions, while we don't care, as long as we are 'surviving' and the horrific daily news are not affecting us personally.

It is simply insane.

What is more insane is that such groupings and the whole culture of separation is based on mental belief systems, deliberately created to control the human through fear and inequality.

I mean the only reason the human is able to be controlled is because the human is lacking self-realization as oneness and equality, as life. The human is in fact inferior to everything in this world, yet the human will mostly attempt to seem or feel superior through 'knowledge' and 'wisdom', in spite of the obvious common sense that the knowledge and wisdom of this world system should be questioned, as it is not bringing forth any desirable outcome for life in any way whatsoever.

Desteni is a group of people that, given the above realizations, made within self the decision that "enough is enough" and that in common sense life should exist as one group, as best for all, as we are all here together on this one earth, subject to the same conditions and requirements for a dignified life.

So, instead of cultivating fear, separation, control, and a system of deception and exploitation -
at Desteni we cultivate ourselves as life, re-defining our existence practically to be based on the value of life, walking the self-realization of life as oneness and equality in all possible ways of practical living;

because it is clear that what Earth requires, what humanity requires, is a culture of life, a culture of unity, a culture of respect, a culture of individuals that see themselves as equals of life and that will stand up for life and make sure that this system of abuse, deception, exploitation and inequality is stopped, and that we as mankind manifest and establish a new system of actual life support.

That is what Desteni is about.

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Humanity is ONE Body, ONE Life

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