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Day 226: Stopping the Matrix through Collective Responsibility

ART by Ann van den Broeck

Here I am continuing from
Day 225: The Fabricated Matrix of Human Existence

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Wake Up, You have been Brainwashed!

How have we come to the acceptance and allowance of the system as it exists now?
In my previous blog posts I´ve looked at the point of self-responsibility as life, and how due to the human buying into the system of consumerism, the human 'evolves' as a fabricated identity in self-interest while completely disregarding the interest of life which is the actual interest of each one as life.

From my previous blog post:
" long as we are subject to the system, within or without, any attempts of change are useless; as long as we follow instead of leading ourselves in self-honesty, we remain slaves. How can we lead our world to freedom if we are not free? And how can we be free as long as we are subject to the systematic patterns of the past, the patterns that evidently cause only struggle, conflict, war? How can we be free as long as we exist in fear?"

The question here is: What is fear? And why do we exist in fear? How have we, individually and collectively, been dealing with fear throughout the history of mankind?

We have been running away from our own fear, we have been projecting our own fear onto "others" which results in projecting blame and making "others" responsible; we have been trying to suppress and deny our own fear and within this we have per implication accepted our own inferiority, accepted ourselves as powerless. So - isn´t fear then just an excuse?

Because as long as we 'justify' how we exist in defense- and protection-mechanisms against each-other, in fear of each-other, we will claim that fear has a reason and a purpose - and yes indeed: it has the purpose of maintaining the status quo and keeping the human divided while the system prevails.

How does the system educate us? Through fear.
What is love in this world based on? On fear.
What is war in this world based on? On fear.
What is preventing the human from actually evolving and expanding as life? Fear.
What is preventing peace between nations and countries? Fear.

...But really? Or is fear perhaps just an excuse, a ´justification´, to not have to move beyond our own shadow and CHANGE!

Is fear born from self-interest - or is self-interest born from fear? Or are fear and self-interest one and equal as the driving force of the systematic human, the organic robot, the system slave?

This and more we investigate in absolute depth at Desteni - and that is why we propose an equal money system as a first step towards establishing an equal life foundation for ALL life and reforming our existence within and without such that it assist humanity in transcending fear, transcending self-interest, and realizing what it means and what it take to LIVE in the interest of LIFE as who we all really are - no more exploiting, abusing and depleting ourselves and our Earth in the name of profit, no more placing profit before life, no more waging wars in the name of a god, a religion, a belief, no more educating our children in fear and separation.

The key to stopping the matrix that determines our existence within and without is in the realization of collective responsibility - the realization that LIFE is interconnected and interdependent, and that any harm done unto a single part of life, is harm done unto life as a Whole.

We will not change the system by fighting the system - because the system exists through us, as who we are in all our relationships and throughout every moment of our participation in the world. It is useless to fight ourselves, this only indicates ignorance and shows that we see things in separation and are not understanding the interconnectedness of everything in the bigger picture.

Visit Desteni to educate yourself on this vital point and start realizing our collective responsibility as Earthlings.

Visit the Equal Money Wiki and read up on the solutions we are working out, participate and share your input, so that we can work together and stand together as Life, as One, and once and for all CHANGE our existence in the interest of Life as a Whole!

Visit the Economist Journey to Life blog and educate yourself in how the accepted system in fact works, in understanding cause and effect, acknowledging consequence, and realizing that the solution is as simplistic as common sense - that to get there however will take understanding the core of the system as it exists within and without, so that we can change things by changing our starting-point and our individual participation in our world based on collective responsibility and the self-realization of Life as One, which implies that within that Oneness we are all equals as life.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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