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240: Living in an equal money system would be cool

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Today I started painting the walls in my new place. To buy the equipment and stuff required, I went to several different stores and compared the prices. The price differences were big, not only for the same stuff but even the same make. So I spent quite some time moving around, comparing, buying, bringing stuff to the flat and going back out again.
So I was thinking: In an equal money system, this ‘issue’ would not exist. The decisions to be made would be matter of actual practicality. When the profit motive is out of the equation, we can all have the best of everything and the prices of things and services will be a whole different story.

I can’t wait to move and settle down in the new place. I really was lucky, because the market for rents is getting worse and worse, meaning: it’s difficult to find something to begin with, and then of course the prices going further and further up. Five to six years ago living in Berlin was quite affordable, but the city became more and more an attraction for young enterprises, big companies, foreign investors, and so the prices started to rise and they still are. Plus the rising numbers of students.

Berlin used to be like a big village, and it’s now becoming more and more a metropolis. Still though, there are neighborhoods that are quite cosy to live in, without much traffic and relatively green. That’s the area where I found an affordable apartment. I am looking at a small garden from my window, which is partly green still in the middle of winter, and I am planning to plant some stuff when the spring comes, perhaps even have a small table and a couple of chairs right under my window, to be outside when the weather is nice.

The action of renovating and fixing the place is something I currently enjoy, in spite of the troubles and the time I have to invest in doing it, or the money I have to spend to get things done. It’s like taking care of myself, in a way. In an equal money system, we could all live this way, given that we respect our environment in all possible ways.

I will continue on this tomorrow, either with more points that come up in the process of getting ready to move to the new place, or with an entirely different point – let’s see.

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