Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

237: Acidification of Earth’s Water – Reflection of Human Nature?

by Fidelis Spies

I am continuing from 236: Physics and the Desteni Process – Existential
to look deeper into some points:

I saw a parallel between the acidification of Earth’s waters and the acidification of the human being, the human existence, which, if we look at it from a perspective of interaction and behavior that includes the emotional aspect of human experience: is evidently becoming more and more rotten, acidy, poisonous. Society is killing the individual and the individual is killing society, yet at the same time society is the creation of individuals interacting with each-other.
Our existence is one of self-destruction in all possible ways. The only thing prevailing here is the system. The system of abuse, of separation, of exploitation, of ‘enlightened self-interest’ justified with ‘ignorance is bliss’.

The expression that has come to characterize humanity, to be humanity, is peaking into more and more acidity, as in: becoming more and more aggressive, nasty, explosive; it is something non-benevolent, non-supportive of life as a whole, the monster that we have accepted and allowed to become of ‘humanity’.

The element of water represents in many esoteric and eastern philosophies the emotional aspect of the human consciousness, like, the ‘big soup’ where all kinds of expressions and experiences are contained.

Yet we place blood before water and self-interest/profit before life.
We exploit “others” to keep our “own”.

And instead of our expression and experience being based on our oneness and equality as life, with/as an equilibrium that honors and ensures the wellbeing of All as One, and within that as Equals –
our expression is in essence characterized through separation, conflict, abuse, exploitation.

And despite all the ‘good’ and ‘benevolent’ ideas and concepts and campaigns we wave around like flags of victory and success, that ‘goodness’ of ours doesn’t seem to be enough to make a difference; and history keeps repeating. Why?
And isn’t that reason enough to start questioning the ‘goodness’ that we hide behind?

The interaction aspect of human existence is worth looking into from all perspectives and dimensions, because evidently it is demonstrating a spiral of devolution – expressed everywhere in every moment, through all media, politics, and shock events like school shootings and other violent crimes. Who is the real criminal? It is a vicious cycle that re-creates itself, as the system creates and re-creates the human and the human creates and re-creates the system.
By what law, in what image and likeness? Why is our beingness what our beingness is? And why do we seem to only be busy doing everything to ignore the ‘evil’ while we delude ourselves with projections of ‘good’/’god’ in the mental? What is the real ‘evil’?

The acidification of Earth’s waters could in fact be showing us our own state of affairs, a mirror reflection of who we are, of what we are doing to ourselves and each-other, by continuing to exist by the unwritten laws of the ill will of man.

People are searching for truth in all the weirdest places – when the truth is right in our faces, within and without, Here, everywhere, all the time.

And somehow we manage to be so distracted each in our own mind bubble made up of positive and negative definitions in relation to self-worth which becomes self-interest as one grows into the system and ends up trapped between abusing and being abused, that we fail to see reality, to see what we are doing, to see how we are participating in keeping the system alive, keeping the world as we know it, same power-games, same ego-trip, just different expressions and extremes, becoming extremely unpredictable on a personal level, yet quite predictable when looking at the bigger picture from the perspective of how points move in the physical reality, how patterns form and gain directive principle, and what happens when things are only ‘managed’ just ‘get by’, never really understood, cause and effect grasped, reality directed, transformed, at the core.
Otherwise we would have a different reality of our existence, very much so.

It's not too late. Or maybe it is. But as long as I breathe I cannot give up, and there is nothing else to do but open our eyes to the actuality of reality, within and without, and take responsibility for What is Here;
Educate ourselves and train ourselves in becoming living beings of integrity, dignity and respect, for all life as one. Then there may be a chance for us all to see through this, sort the mess on earth out, and live a new existence into beingness.

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