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230: Stopping the Matrix of Abuse through Equality pt.2

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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226: Stopping the Matrix through Collective Responsibility
227: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money
228: Stopping the Matrix through Equal Money – pt.2
229: Stopping the Matrix of Abuse through Equality

From my previous blog post:
...The principle of equality and oneness of life, as life, practically implies the practical realization of the interconnectedness and interdependence of life, wherein the common sense is in fact taken into consideration that any harm done unto or allowed to be done unto even one single part of life has an effect on the Whole;
which would imply that if we were to practically in our world apply the equations that would in fact give to ALL the best that anyone requires to have a dignified life on earth without fear, each one individually would have the best, as ALL would have the best, equally as one, within a Oneness as Life, based on the value of life that we all equally share like the air that we breathe...

But currently our Oneness is based in polarity – where for some to Have, others must Not-Have; for some to be superior, others must be inferior; for some to win, others must lose.
This equation is not only unnecessary, it does not serve life, it only serves the profit-system driven. We can see the devastating results of polarity systems everywhere we look, within and without.

A Oneness of inequality as we currently live it in our existence: is based on hierarchies and the abuse of power.

A real Oneness is based on Equality. Oneness by definition implies equality. Anything else is deception and nothing but ‘beautiful’ words that represent a concept, a mental idea, but no lived actuality in fact.

A oneness based in equality as the value of life would mean no more hierarchy and no more power abuse – no more abuse of any kind whatsoever!


From the Equal Money Wiki:

Role of the Administration

Before specifying the role of the administration, let's distinguish between the various participants within the law-making or policy-making process - which are:

- The general population
- Scientific experts
- The administration

In terms of the content of the policies to be decided on, only the general population and the scientific experts are relevant.

The role of the general population mainly pertains to the identification of policy-issues as well as the cross-referencing point in terms of voting on whether or not the proposed policies indeed adhere to the Constitutional Principles of Equality and What is best for All.

The role of the scientific experts pertains to the formulation of policy in adherence with the scientific and mathematical methodologies as laid out by the Constitution.

So - what role is left then for the administrators? The role of the administrators is a purely managerial function. They have in fact no more influence on policy-making than anyone else does. The type of functions administrators are to perform are for instance the convening of all identified policy issues by the population as well as their suggestions, the directing of all organizational aspects involved with bringing together a qualified committee of scientists with the relevant expertise in terms of the particular policy that requires to be formulated, the publishing of each step within the policy-making process and so on. Their role is thus to ensure that the Rule of Law as laid out by the Constitution is followed without influencing the content of the policies themselves.

Who will be the Administrators?

Members of the administration require to have a minimum set of qualifications and will be voted into office for 1 term. Ideally, each person will only be able to take office once in their lifetime to give each one who so desires, the opportunity to experience what is involved within taking in a position of responsibility in the world.

While in office, administrators will not receive any type of special or extraordinary treatment in terms of any kind of remuneration. Taking office will thus become an expression that is motivated within passion, interest, care and consideration - and will no longer be motivated by profit and personal gain.

Read more:

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Visit the Equal Money Wiki and read up on the solutions we present, and do participate and share your input so that we can work together and stand together as Life, as One, and once and for all CHANGE our existence in the interest of Life as a Whole!

Visit Desteni to educate yourself on this vital point and start realizing our collective responsibility as Earthlings.

Visit the Economist Journey to Life and educate yourself in how the accepted system in fact works, in understanding cause and effect, acknowledging consequence, and realizing that the solution is as simplistic as common sense - that to get there however will take understanding the core of the system as it exists within and without, so that we can change things by changing our starting-point and our individual participation in our world based on collective responsibility and the self-realization of Life as One, which implies that within that Oneness we are all equals as life.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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