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238: Writing Flow - Self Flow | Writing as Self-Movement

I am continuing here from 235: Writing Block is Self Block ...and it's JudgeMental

For the first time after more than 200 days of daily writing, I was now faced with resistances towards writing, which was in essence resistances towards slowing down and being here with myself.

As I described in my blog post about the writing block I experienced, the last couple of weeks have been an organizational carousel, yet the experience of it all as such – a “carousel” – was obviously the result of my acceptance and allowance, my going into the mind and making ´more´ out of it than the simple, practical, step-by-step walking of the points that required direction within my physical reality.
I was also, within it all, facing that one point of “home” about which I often wrote in previous blog posts, a point that seems to have – through my allowance, through my missing the moment of breath as this point was activated, through my rushing in the mind – intensified this whole organizational experience adding a touch of ´existential fear´ and anxiety to it, unnecessarily so.

What I noticed however is that, when I did push myself to sit down and write – which is when I, after a day of not writing, wrote about the resistance point as writing block which I then realized was a self block – I found that within moving myself through the act of writing, I assisted and supported myself tremendously, not only in seeing the points, but also in actually moving through the points and getting myself to ´flow´ again.

This shows once again the extent of support that this process of consistent writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application offers, and how writing is in fact an expression of self and can, in self-honesty, through self-will, be applied to in fact move and expand self beyond the conditioned patterns of one´s mind, of one´s existence.

"The daily Self-Task to place yourself in writing in a structured way will in time be your proven sanity, trust, honesty and consistency that transcend all ego. All the structure must show is your dedication to what is best for all life and the confirmation through cross-referenced feedback that you are in fact living this commitment breath by breath into being – as you, as life. This will support you effectively when you get to the point of no return called death and you are measured to see if you are in fact life and worthy to be recognized as life." - Desteni

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