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Day 509 | Lack & Luck – Humanity, Reality Check

I am looking here at Perceptual Lack & Luck VS Physical Reality and in my last post I mentioned the polarity of Lack and Luck - and looking again at my past self-definition patterns, I see that I had perceived myself within the Lack-polarity while looking at others in comparison and thus within a definition of Luck; within this, separating myself from Self Responsibility and making myself/my life subject to Lack or Luck, as if I had no say within that whatsoever.
In looking at Lack and Luck directly, without interpretation and emotional attachments, we can see that perceptual Lack is self-created and Luck does not exist because in reality we have to create the change ourselves.

Consequences, results, outcomes are always an accumulation of points. When one is creating ‘Luck’ the consequence is of a pleasant nature – but it’s still a point of self creation.
Luck is just an 'end result' that others 'see' or that one will 'experience' for oneself. Though there are a lot of factors that come into play , a lot of preparation that goes into the 'one event' that everyone now calls 'Luck' or 'lucky' –
While all the while 'Luck' is a self creation point: Things are continuously happening where one is preparing oneself to 'walk' into the consequential outflows of one’s creation, and if it is seen to be a 'cool' or 'positive' creation, it is called 'Luck', while if it is seen to be a negative creation then the person is called 'unlucky'.

An interesting equation that I’m looking at is:
LACK must exist for Greed to exist;
LUCK must exist to justify Greed.

I mean if man is truly the ‘higher species’ – shouldn’t man take it in his hands to ensure LIFE and not leave in the hands of luck? Can’t we all see that there is enough of everything for all in this world? Lack need not exist. Unfortunately though, our evolution has been the evolution of self-interest, greed has been the driving force, separation, disenfranchisement and exploitation has been the cause of those in power. The effects are everywhere – this is Our Truth, Humanity.

In self-honesty and common sense, just by following cause and effect and studying the history of mankind (the truth of which is more and more exposed through the internet) one can see that one is always self-responsible. I mean, granted, when we are small and defenseless things happen to us that we cannot control or change or direct, things that we may not even understand or be able to place. Everyone is able to say look, this is my story, this and that happened to me when I was a child and that is why I am who I am and how I am. However, if we now accept that we are no longer the child that has no understanding and no tools to deal with reality and make informed decisions, we have to see that it is our responsibility to determine what we will do with the outflows/results/consequences of our existence and most importantly: how we will prevent such outflows/results/consequences to repeat in the future – on other words, how we will change ourselves and the conditions in our environment to produce a LIFE that is worth living.

Obviously, it is much easier to say this or that is responsible for who and how I am. It is easier to keep repeating that which we know rather than establishing and manifesting new ways, new paradigms, new living examples, based on real living principles.
What we as humanity tend to disregard and not consider in the smallest of our decisions is how the PRESENT is always accumulates into the future. And if the Present is lived out from the past, and if the past is not seen for what it is, is not investigated, understood and forgiven/healed/corrected, then we’ll only be repeating the patterns, habits, and cycles of the past, always blaming it all on something or someone else and never taking that absolute responsibility; never really evolving but only mutating into more subtle ways of manipulation, separation, and (self-)deceit.

Deceit – interesting word, it sounds like de-seat;
thus self-deceit: removing self from the ‘driver’s seat’, removing self from being on its life’s thrONE as directive authority, and allowing consciousness systems to take the lead instead –
consciousness systems that are rooted in separation and fear and ‘support’ the suppression of LIFE rather than its growth, expansion and freedom of expression.

Our consciousness systems function on the value-systems and equations dictated and imprinted by the world systems out there; then again, the world systems out there were imprinted and created by the value-systems and equations of 'human nature'. One of the biggest frauds in the history of mankind is the propagated belief that "somehow 'human nature' is 'human nature' - it cannot change". All the while the big brothers know better and use that knowledge for their own profit while keeping it away from the people.

It’s time to stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for our reality, from ourselves, from the small to the big – Get together as HUMANITY and make a difference.

If I were to be asked to write a list of 'ten commandments' for the present day, one thing I'd definitely include is: 

I suggest investigating the Equal Life Foundation’s proposal of a Guaranteed Living Income System. This proposal suggests a groundbreaking change in political paradigms that doesn’t ‘take sides’ but instead presents a completely new approach to solving the problems we are currently facing in this world.

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