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Day 506 | Stuck with ‘Enough’ & ‘Trapped’ in Polarity

So I had looked at my definition of the word ‘enough’ in previous blog posts, see eg.

I realized I was stuck in this word/idea of 'enough'.
Looking at my experience with the word enough (see previous blog) and at the word enough:

e no ugh
which I can look at to mean
energy - no - its ugh
Energy being the bipolar energetic (mental/emotional) ‘ups and downs’ that direct and drive one’s experience in life, in the end through one’s own acceptance and allowance – through what and how one thinks about oneself and about others/the world.

What I learned is: When you are dealing with an ENERGY - name the energy and give the energy direction.
It is about slowing down and looking at the point directly.
In looking at my energetic experience I saw that I was dealing with my created/formed/accepted definition of the word ‘enough’ – and within that, with thoughts, emotions and experiences of ‘I am not enough’.

What was happening is, within self - I have had enough of these energy games (making self feel shit, thinking I am not enough or my life is of no significance, devaluing self, self-sabotage) - And within this I thus started searching for a way of stopping it - But instead of just stopping it - I was looking for something to fill it –
And in this case I was looking at the words contentment and self-acceptance- as a way to fill /replace this ugh energy, which is also the energetic definition/expression of the words ‘I am enough’ – they are supposed to make self feel ‘content’ / ‘feel better’. Which is how I came to the idea of ‘I am enough’ as a solution, not realizing I was just trying to balance-out the negative polarity, still accepting deep inside the point of ‘being not enough’.

So, the dimension of 'being enough' as ‘self-acceptance’ – which is an attempt to ‘fill the void’ with something positive – creates a fake ‘contentment’ within limitation, because here 'being enough' is supposed to make oneself 'feel better' - But it has the starting point of being 'less than'.

What I’m realizing is that once you have lived one polarity of a word/expression, the habit is to go to the other extreme of the polarity, so as to just 'get out of' the negative living for instance. But once you have gone to the opposite polarity living and expressed it, you find that it was just again another polarity; and as such - you will start to 'tone' down the two polarities - until self is able to see the neutral point within it.
The neutral point within any word redefined is when you have found the expression of what this word means as a physical expression - Thus mot making it more or less than what it is as a physical expression of itself

I will continue with the neutral point and the word ENOUGH in my next post.

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