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Day 507 | Walking Out of the Polarity – Enough!

What I’m realizing is that once you have lived one polarity of a word/expression, the habit is to go to the other extreme of the polarity, so as to just 'get out of' the negative living for instance. But once you have gone to the opposite polarity living and expressed it, you find that it was just again another polarity; and as such - you will start to 'tone' down the two polarities - until self is able to see the neutral point within it.
The neutral point within any word redefined is when you have found the expression of what this word means as a physical expression - Thus mot making it more or less than what it is as a physical expression of itself
The neutral point is the point of stating it directly.

For instance with the word ENOUGH:
The definition that I am looking for in the process of purifying the word from its energetic attachments I had created/accepted about it - is the definition that describes the expression of the word.

In speaking the word ENOUGH the expression I Hear and See is:
For example if you're getting your glass filled at some point you say thanks that's enough.
It means 'full' / can't take anymore

That’s it. Simple.
The solution is always a multiple times simpler than the problem.

Another thing I learned is that: 
The mind will try and 'fix' the problem - by giving it something that the mind thinks will help it.
This is not how things work –
<<You are not able to 'fix' things - You are only able to direct things so as to create what you are the master creator of.

Thus - Go back to the source – look and see for yourself what you have accepted and allowed - and then direct the points as to how you want to create your reality.>>

>>The concept "I am enough" is trying to 'fill the void' and the 'void' is created by all the things that everybody has for my entire life told me of who I should be / how I should live / what is the correct way of living / what everybody thinks the right way of living is / etc.
And if I do not meet up to these expectations (expectations that self had made one’s own) - Then the 'void' comes lurking - Making statements of / creating feelings of ‘not being enough’ - to which the mind will then respond: Hey look at me - I can take this moment under my blankets and 'feel enough'! But this is all just a cover for the already accepted expectations of self.
To go to source means that self investigates these expectations - and one by one decide what it is that self would like to live or is able to live - and then creating these points for oneself<<

An interesting outflow/manifestation/consequence that I can see within all this is also: how me allowing myself to be trapped within emotional/energetic/value experiences of ‘not enough’ and ‘must get/be enough’, trying to ‘find’ value while I was separating myself from self-worth and real self-acceptance as in: the power and will to decide, state, and enact as in express the actual physical meaning of the word Enough – making choices in life that will support me, instead of indulging in patterns and habits as attempts to ‘fulfill’ this ‘desire’;
And thus what I can see is how my being trapped in an emotional bipolar state as value-system (balancing on the tip of the pyramid of a mental idea of ‘value’/’worth’ that is skewed, as it is based on the consciousness system that rules this world within and without) kept me from finding stability within myself, as myself, in self-worth and value of life; 
And because I was 'lost' in mental/energetic polarity definitions of the word 'enough', I wasn't living the actual definition/expression of ENOUGH - and I wasn't stopping the 'search for...' that which would 'fulfill me' and make me 'enough' but instead trying to 'find' 'fulfillment' in separation from myself. 

I had robbed myself of the power to be the one who gives myself the value as worthy of life, in life, by deciding/living Who I Am in awareness in all my relationships and relations, and not allowing myself for example to participate where there is no respect and no regard for life for real.

So here I realize I have to look at ‘my expectations’ and ‘my desires’, that which I have defined as ‘more’ or as ‘goal’ or as something I must be before I can accept myself and allow myself to live. Wherein, I have used points and people in life to try and get/find acceptance or validation or value, but actually I was seeking to validate the positive and negative polarity ideas I held about myself and my reality. I mean, it’s crazy if you really look at it, we adopt and ‘inherit’ so many formats of thought and emotion, we have issues with value/acceptance/validation, we develop expectations that are not even our own, and we give everything and everyone around us the power to influence and define us - whether that is through positive or negative definitions and relationships. Parents play a major role here, and it is from parents that a revolution and evolution of what we call ‘human nature’ may emerge, an actual evolution that comes from e-value-ation and understanding, from will power and creative response-ability.

So obviously I'll be investigating my expectations, because for self to 'feel less than' there must be in the mind some opposite-polarity projections of me as 'more than' or at least as 'enough' - expectations towards self. Time for some reality check.

…to be continued

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