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Day 504 | The Importance of Immediate Response Ability

Continuing from my previous blog post, I am here looking at procrastination.

We all know that procrastination tends to leave us regretful or shameful. We all are able to see how procrastination `emerges´ from a point of denial or resistance.
That point of denial or resistance actually also shows that we are implicitly placing ourselves as in one way or another inferior to that something or someone we deny or resist, that something or someone we postpone dealing with –
This is a simple example of the 1+1 common sense of self-honesty. It’s fascinating that in our education systems, in our world in general, we do not learn such deductive, critical-thinking approach to ourselves and our reality, a reality which after all emerges and forms through the interaction of ourselves with our environment and other human beings.

But, before we look at the bigger picture, let’s bring it back to the small – bring it back to self.

Because it is within Who Self Is that everything is being determined in Each One Life;
So we are all in fact self-responsible, meaning that everything we are experiencing and are faced with within our inner reality: we have been part of creating and manifesting. YET – we often do not even see How, and we have still not realized that absolute point of self-responsibility and what it entails. Everyone is able to find within themselves a point of blame towards others (as subtle as it may seem it is there) which is the point where we shift responsibility to ‘others’, failing to see that by doing so we are abdicating not only responsibility – we are abdicating our POWER.

In this context – I am coming back to the point I started this post with, namely the importance of immediate movement. When there is immediate self movement in every moment, with every breath, in self-awareness, in self-honesty (Man Know Thyself), then obviously there is no room for procrastination, nor for denial to begin with.
If I am Here in every moment – which I am since my body is here breathing in every moment, thus I can shift my awareness to Me Here as a physical being in this physical reality – then that means that I am in a position here to direct myself, to lead myself, to move myself according to each moment/context based on my self-honesty and practical common sense;
From such starting-point within the realization of absolute self-responsibility (response-ability) I find the will and the power to move myself through any resistances that may arise within me towards facing a particular something or someone within my reality and thus direct the point in common sense, simplistically, directly, and with clarity.

Easier said than done, you may think and you’d be right – which is why we must in fact train and push ourselves to the point of finding within ourselves that spark of life, let´s call it that, as Will-Power, or self-drive, to move beyond the pettiness of what has become of human consciousness. Wouldn´t that be real Free Will?

Now – if we look at what resistances are and what denial is:
it is that which keeps you from facing a point, but let’s put it bluntly: it is that which YOU use in order to not see, to not have to deal with, to not take responsibility for – whatever it is you are facing.
It’s fascinating how we separate things, people, moments, experiences, from ourselves because somehow we fear responsibility (ah well done education system!), somehow we feel inferior, somehow we feel this or that – any excuse would do to just not have to deal with this right now.
And somehow we manage to make things so much bigger than they are – funny again how obvious it is: WE are the ones defining everything, WE are the ones making something bigger or smaller just to justify how we `feel´ about it, while we are trapped in a box of polarities, balancing around `positives´ and `negatives´ just so as to make it ‘seem all-right’, just so as to ‘feel good’ or ‘feel better’, but never really getting to the core of everything – which is ourselves.

…to be continued

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