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Day 508 | On Lack & Luck and a Skewed Value-System

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Day 507 | Walking Out of the Polarity – Enough!

So I had explained how I was stuck in the polarity energetics of omg I am not enough / it is not enough and the experience of lack and inferiority and on the other side the yearning and trying to be ‘more than’ that; and then the idea of I am enough emerged as a mental/consciousness attempt toward ‘self-acceptance’ or ‘self-worth’, yet it was nothing but a toned-down belief of positive-polarity which is the ego trying to ‘feel good’ or ‘feel better’ about its self-image, trying to fight those negative-polarity experience of lack and the idea of ‘I am not good enough’.
The supposed solution in the words ‘I am enough’ shows rather a limitation like the humble contentment of someone that accepts their inferiority. Like having a voice in your head telling “it’s okay, you are a good person” or “it’s okay, I love you just the way you are” or something like that, and if you are attentive you will taste the bitterness of self-pity within such words.

It’s quite interesting that we can see a similar pattern if we look at the world system and its organizations – take the example of charities or religions, where supposedly good is done and poor people are helped, while the mere existence of charity presupposes a system where it is ‘normal’ that there is not ‘enough’ for all, and that most have ‘less than enough’ while some have ‘more than enough’. But you know, we do charity, we are good people, it’s okay, nothing much we can do really, it’s just how the world is, poor people, we are sending you love energy…

Looking at the two polarity opposites that my definition of ENOUGH was trapped in:

The one dimension of the word ‘enough’ defined in the negative polarity as ‘I am not enough’ also masks the question 'What am I missing' – which by accepting (the statement “I am missing something”) I create this ‘yearning’.
…This is the 'yearn' to move oneself to the expectations that self had created and/or accepted for and as oneself. But where do such expectations come from? Where and how are the ‘values’ defined that form our consciousness and create our experiences?
Obviously I’ll be investigating and looking at ‘my expectations’ and ‘my desires’ for myself, to see where they come from and which of these expectations are relevant - which expectations can actually be lived - and which of these expectations requires to be put to rest.

The opposite dimension of 'being enough' as ‘self-acceptance’ – which is an attempt to ‘fill the void’ with something positive – creates a fake ‘contentment’ within limitation, because here 'being enough' is supposed to make oneself 'feel better' - But it has the starting point of being 'less than', and thus here the implied acceptance of ‘not being enough’.

Solution –
Instead of taking this route and defining oneself in the 'negative' (because 'being enough' is a comparison to something that is 'more than' - thus 'being enough' is a form of 'at least'/smallest) – so instead of defining oneself against a negative/small point, why not go directly and look at what it is that self would like to express - find the word - integrate the word - and live it.

I am seeing that I’ll have to look at the word ‘contentment’ as well to find a constructive definition that will not limit me and within which I can live true contentment within myself. I can already see an interesting path to take here, as I see the word content which is like the contents, which means that contentment comes from the contents one puts in, and thus in realizing and living my self-responsibility as to what contents I accept and allow to exist within me and be lived through and as Who I Am, I realize that contentment is when I live in a way that I ‘fulfill’ myself as in living self-response-ability – to be the best one can be/to give it one’s all, in every moment, wouldn’t that be true contentment for anyone?

I will be looking more into Living Words, as now I can see clearly how the belief/idea of I am enough is in itself a limitation – there is always aspects and dimensions of ourselves and our lives that we can improve, explore, expand – and through accepting such idea and making it into a belief I’d only be limiting myself.
What I came to see and realize through this investigation of my relationship to the word ‘enough’ is that the definition of ‘enough’ as we know it/as we’ve defined it exists within the implication of a system of LACK – a system of polarity that is ‘given’, as if there were no other way.

(have a look at the interesting play with sound in the words LACK and LUCK, and how they exist in our consciousness as the two sides of the same coin – this is the system we have accepted, within and without)

Within the process of looking at the Words we Live – our Living Words – and then reevaluating and redefining them / redefining what and how we live:
It’s very interesting to start investigating the workings of energy as polarity, because what we find is that this system of polarity exists within everything that the human consciousness creates – within and without – and WE are the ones constantly (re-)creating it.
Understanding cause and effect, understanding the How of the systems, enables us to see the How of the change that is possible and what it will take to get there.

In a system of equality and oneness – which implies that within the oneness of life each part of that oneness is in fact regarded and interacted-with as equal part of it, as life – there would be no issue with ‘enough’ or ‘not enough’.

The principle/value of ‘oneness and equality’ makes the word ‘enough’ irrelevant in the comparative context within which we know it and use it today. There would be no other meaning/value to the word ‘enough’ other than to say something like "this is enough, no more".

This system/principle/value of ‘oneness and equality’ can only begin with and within self - there is unfortunately no other way to create a world of oneness and equality where LIFE is the value and all life is free, because our world is always a reflection of ourselves, Humanity is a reflection of human nature; but human nature is programmable, unfortunately this fact has thus far only been used to abuse, manipulate and exploit, but not yet for self-empowerment in self-responsibility.

Time for CHANGE!

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