Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Day 503 | Satisfaction within Being Directive in Communication

These days I had some time off and I took the opportunity to write some emails on a subject that I had put quite behind on my list of priorities.
As I was writing the emails and communicating some points to the people involved in the particular project, I realized that I had projected expectations, both onto myself and onto others, and that the more I had postponed directing the point the more I would resist it and slide it further down my list of priorities.

So here obviously we have a case of procrastination, and I´ll be going into this particular point in my next blog post; in this post however I would like to share this simplistic yet fulfilling experience of satisfaction within the context of me taking up communication within the particular project and writing some emails to give the point direction. The satisfaction coming from the starting-point of self-movement, realizing that “I just did it” and “hey it wasn’t that bad or that difficult after all”.
And suddenly also realizing that the key to movement is within effective and practical communication, and most importantly: direct / directive communication  –

This is then opening up another key point, namely that of `self communication´, i.e. who and how we are within and toward ourself;
Because obviously, how can we want or expect effective communication with others, when we within ourselves have no effective self communication, in terms of self-honesty – for instance within how we approach things or people, how we look at others and at ourselves, things we even hide from ourselves like fears and inferiorities and motives, things we deny or suppress, things we ignore or refuse to consider, the expectations that we project, the judgments that we cast, how we shift responsibility to ´others’… hmm, that´s quite a list isn´t it, and it all comes down to `self communication´ and thus the self-honesty of who we are within and toward ourselves and our own inner processes, both mental and emotional.

So – communication – let´s have a look: Communication consists of words, which consist of definitions and meanings, which is something like symbols and signs.
Now – when the signs we exchange are not clear and/or when the symbols we use are not seen for what they are (let alone that people often have different interpretations/values/meanings for the same symbol, an infamous example all can relate to being the word ` love´), then it’s unlikely that communication will be clear, direct, and effective.

Here I’m therefore also sharing the importance of developing effective communication skills, effective looking and seeing skills, which is essentially the ability to see and assess reality with unbiased clarity.

Within this, WRITING is an awesome tool towards CLARITY, as within Writing we are able to transfer what is inside (the mind) into the outside (the physical: here, written out on paper or print) and check it against reality, self-honesty and practical common sense; to then make evaluations and corrections where required, aligning thus our thoughts, words and deeds, from the inside to the outside, and taking self-responsibility and establishing response-able self communication.

Getting ourselves to clear and direct communication is a vital life skill and assists us in realizing the self-directive will that can be ‘found’ within self-honesty and self-awareness, cross-referenced with common sense physical reality.

Yep – writing, communicating, taking responsibility for points in my life, being directive within communication: this is, I find, something truly fulfilling, something wherein we are even able to self-realize our creative ability and in-form ourselves to human beings that will redefine the term ‘human nature’ by living a new paradigm of the things everyone wishes for: peace, freedom, brotherhood, dignity of life and fun!

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