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Day 505 | REACTION vs CREATION revisited

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Another important aspect in all of this is the following:
If we are not the ones Moving and Driving ourselves in self-awareness in every moment, then we are automatically being Moved and Driven by our conditioned and often subconscious reaction-patterns, remaining within the bounds of what we have accepted about ourselves and the world, limiting our response-ability and our own freedom of expression and participation in this reality.

Old habits die hard, they say, and there’s nothing more obvious and nothing the human society should look into and investigate more urgently:

How is it that conditioned consciousness systems and programs within ourselves (whereby we as the human species had separated ourselves more and more from this physical reality/world and so also more and more from our physical bodies, and retracted ourselves more into our minds, so much so that this entire world system is effected by and reflects our ‘human nature’ as each one’s inner relation to everything and everyone else) have apparently more power and more directive authority when it comes to who and how to be in this world, than our own beingness;

Why is it then that our conditioned responses and habitual patterns take the lead and lead us into often unwanted results?

It would seem that such habits literally inhabit us, exist and live through us, create our lives and relationships for us, while we give up on ourselves as we give up on our self-responsibility by MISSING the Reality that is Here in every moment and within that missing the opportunity and the chance to manifest CHANGE, manifest solutions, manifest common sense; instead of going into and following the automatic emotional reactions and energetic movements as outflows of our conditioned consciousness where we secretly think things about others and about ourselves and so often victimize ourselves and blame others: just to avoid that one point of self-responsibility that would forever set us free.

Where is our self leadership? Who or what is the real authority within self? And why?

Wow – some people really did a good job setting up that whole fraud of an education system that we have in this world as well as all those skewed belief-systems this world consciousness has been woven around…
Well, it’s about time to open our eyes and Look Direct, learn to see things for what they are, out there in the world and in here within ourselves; lift those dusty webs and clear the temple. Temple, hmm, makes me think of the words “heaven on earth” – but why the hell not?!

Much more on this and further insights on the point of absolute self-responsibility (and wouldn’t absolute self-responsibility imply absolute self-freedom?!) – in this interview series on Self Leadership (274ff.)

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