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477 | Equality is Key

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We are always equal to who we are. Our equality currently is within how we all exist based on a consciousness-system of polarity, of inferiority/superiority, within a world system of profit against life where the value of life is being sold out in the name of profit, and this can be seen within both the individual human being as self-interest and within the collective world system as the profit-based power-games we accept and allow as ‘politics’.

Even within ourselves we do not cultivate win-win relationships:
The first relationship we create one could say is the relationship to our own mind, as consciousness begins to evolve within and as what the child learns and the definitions and relationships it is exposed to. Relationships of others projected toward the child will form part of the child’s self-awareness as consciousness and thus the self-definitions and self-worth as values that the child will accept, develop and exist within and as.
There exists thus no self-equality currently but the equality of ourselves to and as  the system we have become – to the sum of patterns that define, control and limit us and that also form and manifest the world system as a whole –
all based on and through our acceptances and allowances, judgments, concepts of superiority/inferiority, our accepted and allowed separation from the oneness of/as ourselves, from the oneness of life as a whole.

The key to self-honesty as life is in fact equality, the realization of equality and the living application of it. Equality is the end of all separation and judgment and value-definitions, and thus also the end of all seeking. Equality is also thus equal to self-responsibility in self-realization as life.
It is also the only ‘point’ from which actual self-movement emerges, actual evolution into and as integrity.

Why are human relationships problematic?
-Lack of equality. Instead: competition/comparison/polarity.

Why do children so offer struggle with their parents and parents with their children?
-Lack of equality. Instead: competition/comparison/polarity.

Why is the world system inhumane, abusive, exploitative?
-Lack of equality. Instead: competition/comparison/polarity.

Fascinatingly enough Equality implies a form of understanding, a form of realization. 
It’s not something that can be taught through morality or as knowledge, although there have been attempts yet as we can see everywhere without desirable effects sustainably.

There is a lot to see, realize and understand. 
CHANGE / TRANSFORMATION of this existence is possible.
And Self-Honesty is the way. Self-Honesty also entails the principle of equality.

Investigate the principle of ‘Equality and Oneness’.


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